Home Town's Erin Napier Reveals An Extra Benefit To Using Grasscloth Wallpaper

It's always enjoyable to watch Erin Napier help improve and revamp houses on HGTV's "Home Town." The home design expert also provides noteworthy interior design insight that all viewers will benefit from paying attention to and potentially implementing into their own houses. In an episode of "Home Town," the HGTV star used grasscloth wallpaper, and the homeowners loved it. Napier praised this type of wallpaper, saying, "This is a vinyl grasscloth, so it doesn't collect dust, but it gives some warmth and texture to the room." Thus, "Home Town" fans who hate dusty walls and want to choose the right wallpaper to warm up their space should consider grasscloth wallpaper.

So, what exactly is grasscloth wallpaper? This intricate wallpaper is typically made of seagrass, bamboo, or other plant fibers that the creators weave to make it, giving it that eye-catching texture. These creations are supported by paper backings so homeowners can hang them on the wall, and the time, effort, and attention to detail that goes into grasscloth wallpaper makes it significantly more expensive than basic wallpaper options. Still, like Napier, many homeowners can agree that it's worth the splurge.

Other benefits of grasscloth wallpaper include sustainability, variety, and reliability

Not only does grasscloth wallpaper prevent dust and add texture, but Erin Napier appreciates all its other advantages, too, as this type of wallpaper provides a plethora of perks. Grasscloth wallpaper is an ideal option for sustainable homeowners who try to avoid unnatural materials thrown together in factories. The grass, bamboo, and other plant fibers should appeal to people looking for something natural. Moreover, no two rolls of grasscloth wallpaper will look exactly alike since they feature such specific materials and are woven by hand.

Another advantage of investing in wallpaper made of these special ingredients is that it should last a long time, while cheaper, lower-quality wallpaper options could fade and lose their appeal after a while, making your home's interior less attractive. Furthermore, are you intrigued by the benefits of installing grasscloth wallpaper but don't want to commit to it enough to cover every wall in a room with it because of the high price — or any other reason? Napier-approved grasscloth wallpaper can look excellent as an accent wall, offering a touch of extra texture and warmth without the risk of overpowering your space.

Erin Napier also adds warmth to homes by embracing cozy tones

While the HGTV star enjoys using grasscloth wallpaper to warm up spaces, that's not the only Erin Napier trick to add warmth to a room. The interior design expert is as knowledgeable about paint as she is about wallpaper and recommends working with lived-in-looking yellow tones instead of stark or vivid neutrals and hues. "Choose whatever color you like that has a bit of yellow in it to make the color feel integrated and truly part of its environment instead of too new, too bright, not quite right, and out of place, Napier told Homes & Gardens, adding, "It is so subtle, but an important delineation between a house that's comfortable in its color versus a house that's squeaky."

In addition to her admiration for grasscloth wallpaper and yellow-leaning paint colors, Napier also integrates a lot of warm browns, forest greens, and burnt reds into home decor. When scrolling through her Instagram, viewers will notice a lot of wooden furniture, nature-inspired decorations, and brick details that feature those warm and cozy tones. So, any homeowner looking to warm up their home should follow Napier's lead by investing in grasscloth wallpaper and more details featuring yellowish and muted warm tones.