15 Shower Tile Ideas To Consider For A Fresh And Clean Aesthetic

In a perfectly designed shower, you can close your eyes and be transported to a peaceful getaway. Do you hear that? It's not the showerhead raining but a rainforest waterfall. Shower tiles with a fresh and clean aesthetic are one way to achieve this transformative look. White subway tiles laid in the standard brick formation are a classic choice for the bathroom, but several other options can also create a stylish and pristine atmosphere.

When it comes to choosing the best shower tile for your space, you should consider its texture, material, color, and design. Some styles can make your bathroom feel larger, while others add dimension, so it depends on your personal taste and what you want for the room. All of our design ideas embody a fresh and clean aesthetic, so regardless of the style, your shower will become a space you'll enjoy. Here is our list of 15 shower tile ideas in an array of shapes and sizes to inspire your next bathroom remodel.

Marble is the epitome of luxury

What's more elegant than marble shower walls? With the precious stone from the floor to the ceiling, you'll instantly have an elevated design in your bathroom. White marble tile is a timeless choice, but other neutrals like gray and black also have a luxurious feel. This look brings cohesion in bathrooms with marble vanities and even connects the entire house together when matching marble kitchen countertops or mantles. Real marble stone is high maintenance and hard to keep clean, but faux marble tile lends the same look without the hassle.

Put some pep in your bathroom with peppercorn stone

Peppercorn stone tile is a great way to incorporate patterns in your bathroom without going overboard. The stone has a natural upscale look and incorporates multiple colors in the speckle design for a dramatic pattern. Like marble tile, this look is perfect for unifying your home's decor if you have peppercorn-style countertops and elements in other rooms. Since the tile is patterned, it's best to balance other features in the bathroom, like flooring or curtains, by keeping them simple. When it comes to a clean aesthetic, you don't want too many things fighting for your eye's attention.

Spa-like pebbles are a must

Another fabulous tile type is pebbles. You can create your very own rock wall to really make the waterfall fantasy come true. Better yet, the small stones add texture and style to your bathroom by making the shower a focal point. Pebble mosaic tiles are DIY-friendly, which makes them a stellar choice if you're looking to cut costs on your bathroom remodel and install the shower tiles yourself. To create an accent look, place the tile on only one wall or in the shower niche. Or embrace the spa-like design and cover the floor-to-ceiling in pebbles.

Wood would look stunning

Whether your bathroom style is rustic, boho, or modern, you can't go wrong with wood-style tiles. These tiles aren't made from real lumber (that would be a rotting disaster), but you get the appearance of polished wood grain with the waterproof protection of ceramic or porcelain tiles. The best thing about wood-style tiles is that they'll complement any space. They pair well with stone, glass, metal elements, and even other traditional tiles. If you have wooden features in the bathroom, like a vanity or floating shelf, it is best to match the tiles in the same stain for optimal balance.

Rectangles aren't the only stylish shape

When you think about tiles, the rectangular shape is what usually comes to mind, but that four-sided polygon isn't the only stylish shape. Hexagon tiles are a popular option if you want a unique look. The straight-edge slates have a clean finish and instantly elevate your space. Even if you want all-white shower walls with white grout, opting for hexagon tiles instead of regular subway ones, gives the room a shot of dimension and flare. Further, the design is subtle, so choosing the six-sided tile in a vibrant color won't overwhelm the bathroom.

Forget straight-edged tile

If you like the unique look of hexagon tiles and want something even more dynamic, then abstract-shaped tiles are the way to go. Unlike straight-edged slates, fish scale, round, and arabesque tiles are uniquely shaped and aren't your traditional polygons. They add intention to your design and make your bathroom appear professionally styled. For the optimal clean aesthetic, you'll want to stick to neutral colors. If you're bold enough for a pick of the rainbow, it's best to use the abstract tile as an accent design, as placing the puzzle-shaped tile on every shower wall can stray into maximalist territory.

Tiny tile makes a huge impact

Mosaic tiles are an interesting novelty and one of the smallest tiles you can buy, with each piece being no greater than 2 square inches. The small pieces do require more grout lines, so don't be afraid to let the grout be a design element, too. Consider jumping on the colorful grout trend, especially with neutral-colored tiles, like white or gray. It is important to note that because the small pieces mean more tiles and grout lines, this design can make the room feel busy, so it is better for larger bathrooms.

Large slates are simple and sleek

On the other end of the spectrum, there are large slate tiles. The minimal grout line enhances the sleek look of the grand slabs and can make the room feel larger. It has an oasis-like effect on the shower and better yet, it is easier to clean than small tiles. These larger-than-life tiles are ultra-modern and stellar if you want to carry the design throughout the rest of the bathroom walls. Unlike mosaic tiles, large slates are not DIY-friendly. They are harder to install, given their size, but elegant style doesn't always come easy.

Switch up the tile layout

Selecting a unique layout is another way to play with the shower tile. The herringbone style arranges rectangular tiles in a staggered zigzag pattern. It draws the eyes diagonally, which can create the illusion of a wider space. It is a great way to turn traditional subway tiles into a unique feature while keeping the clean aesthetic. Similar to the herringbone layout is chevron, where the tiles are cut to meet at a 45-degree angle. This creates a symmetrical zigzag pattern. The clean lines of the chevron layout make it ideal for patterned or colorful tiles.

Look up

Shower tiles that draw your eyes upward make the ceiling appear higher, which can make the room seem larger. That is what happens when you arrange your tile vertically. It is an alternative style to standard horizontal tiles and turns the classic design on its head without straying too far from tradition. This look can be done with average subway tiles or large slates. To amp up the contemporary tone, position the tile in a stacked layout as opposed to a staggered brick arrangement. You'll have a fresh visual appeal that won't go out of style.

Lay it all out on the floor

Shower tile isn't just for the walls; it can be a great element for the floor, too. It is a stellar way to add pattern and color that won't overwhelm the room. The shower floor can even be the bathroom's focal point. Just keep the walls simple with a white or light gray tile and go wild on the floor. You can add patterns or colors to any design you like. Since the shower floor has a smaller surface area, it won't be a design crime to go bold, and your bathroom will still feel fresh and clean.

Mix and match patterns

If maximalism best describes your aesthetic then mixing and matching designs is right in your wheelhouse. To incorporate multiple patterns while still keeping a fresh feel, you want styles that have the same colorway. Once the hues match, play with the sizes and shapes of the tiles. Try a large slate on the wall and small mosaic pieces on the floor. The round-style tiles are a stellar contrast to straight-edge slabs and can complement each other without feeling too busy. When in doubt, go for traditional rectangular slates with patterned tiles.

The line of simplicity

If simplicity is more your preference, you only need a line of tile to make a difference in your shower. Interrupt the traditional tile or another neutral base with a strip of slates in a distinct color, size, or shape. The contrast that the simple line makes can be subtle or striking, depending on how different the accented band is compared to the rest of the shower. For something subtle, keep the line the same shape or size as the surround tile and just change the color. For something more dynamic, switch up all three elements.

Down to earth tones

Another way to have a clean design in your bathroom is to embellish the shower with color. Earthy tones like deep greens, rich browns, and light blues are best to do so without falling into the trap of a trendy shade that you'll phase out of soon enough. Earthy tones pair well with all hardware and material, so it is a sure winner in your bathroom. These shades give you the benefits of a neutral color without settling for bland grays. Plus, it is a simple way to add interest and a pop of color to your shower.

Double up on your favorite colors

When it comes to color, the more, the merrier. You can double up on your favorite hues and have a two-tone shower. Let the left wall be a different shade from the right, or have the top half of the shower a distinct color from the bottom. Either way, you'll have a chic design that makes your bathroom feel fresh. You can create contrast with warm and cold colors or dark and light colors, whatever your heart desires. In the end, your shower will be a spa-like oasis that you'll enjoy using every day.