Bookworms Are Loving This Simple IKEA LAIVA Upgrade (& It's Easy To Recreate)

There's a lot to love about IKEA, not least of all is their low prices and versatile designs that are easy to personalize for your own tastes. Since their items are so cheap, you can easily try your hand at a DIY upgrade on any of IKEA's many furnishings without having to fear wrecking a pricey or sentimental piece. One simple upgrade to IKEA's bland LAIVA bookcase is ideal for anyone itching for an easy project.

Priced at $24.99, LAIVA is a straightforward bookcase, no bells or whistles in sight. While it might be ideal for some individuals' design sense, you could want your personal flair to be reflected in the items in your home. Fortunately, all you need to make the LAIVA a striking piece is spray paint and peel-and-stick wallpaper. As showcased in a TikTok video by, the user begins with a completely deconstructed LAIVA, and they spray paint the side pieces in a metallic paint. Next, they cover the shelves in peel-and-stick wallpaper, after which they put the LAIVA back together to reveal a transformed and trendy furniture item that looks like it cost much more than its list price.

How to recreate this LAIVA upgrade yourself: Step one

To begin, you'll need to gather materials. This project requires newspaper or another floor covering, a can of spray paint, peel-and-stick wallpaper, and a LAIVA bookcase. Head outside with the side pieces of the LAIVA, as well as your can of spray paint and your floor covering. After spreading out the paper on the ground, place the sides of the LAIVA out, and spray them evenly with your spray paint (remember the necessary tips for the spray paint, as well, which includes shaking the can according to the instructions, wearing appropriate protection, and keeping pets and children away while spraying).

Wait until the painted sides are completely dry before you flip them over and spray the opposite sides, or you'll risk damaging the project. While the creator in the TikTok inspiration video uses a metallic gold spray paint, you can easily use whatever color your heart desires, be that a bright or neutral shade.

Finishing your LAIVA upgrade

Peel-and-stick wallpaper is about as straightforward as it comes, but there are still a few pointers to bear in mind. Firstly, in addition to the wallpaper, you'll be best served if you also arm yourself with a squeegee or another tool that has a sharp, straight side (this will help to eliminate air bubbles that inevitably come with adhesive papers), as well as a pair of scissors for cutting the wallpaper. Secondly, to avoid running out of your adhesive paper and getting stuck halfway through the project, purchase more than you need and return any full rolls that remain. Just as with the spray paint, choose the peel-and-stick paper that best reflects your personal style, whether that's faux-marble like in the video, or something else.

Carefully line up the edge of the wallpaper with the edge of the LAIVA shelf and stick it, moving slowly and wrapping the paper around as far as it will go on the shelf. If you're going with a patterned paper, you'll need some focus to match up the patterns for a seamless end result. You may also need to cut down the extra wallpaper that hangs over the shelf. Once you're happy with the finished product, examine all of the papered surfaces for bubbles and use your squeegee to force the air out and deliver a perfectly flat surface. Once the shelves are covered, reconstruct the LAIVA, then stand back and enjoy your newly elevated bookcase.