DIY IKEA Projects That'll Give Your Basic Bedroom A Modern Upgrade

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The bedroom is one of the most personal spaces in any given home. It's where we get ready for the day, steal away for some downtime, and, of course, wind down for a (hopefully) peaceful night's sleep. But when it comes to outfitting your bedroom, it may sometimes feel difficult to customize your space without breaking the bank. That's where DIY creativity and IKEA cost-effectiveness come into play.

IKEA is known for its affordable, flatpack DIY furniture, organizers, and decor. What you may not know about IKEA products is their potential beyond the box. Items from the retailer boast functionality, natural textures, and clean lines, which all lend themselves nicely to a modern sensibility. And yet, you can enhance or transform these items to make even more sense in your space. Check out these DIY projects from online creators if you're looking to infuse your plain bedroom with an updated, personal touch.

Chrome mushroom lamp

This DIY uses three different IKEA products: the SLUKA coffee pot coffee pot, the 11" BLANDA BLANK bowl, and the BARLAST table lamp. Just pry off the plastic top of the SLUKA, attach the BARLAST fixture with J-B Weld Epoxy, and add the BLANDA bowl on top. The entirely chrome look gives the mushroom silhouette a modern twist. If a metallic finish isn't your vibe, take the DIY further by spray painting the bowl and base a color of your choice. Use a product like Rust-Oleum's Spray Paint, which has a range of vibrant hues to choose from.

Multi-panel room divider

This DIY turns IKEA's IVAR shelf sides into a modern room divider that adds both texture and accessory storage to your room. After staining the IVAR wood and dowels to a color of your choice, add hinges to connect them, and cover each piece by securing the burlap fabric with staples. To simplify this DIY, opt for the convenient Minwax Wood Finishing Cloths, which make wood staining simple. You can also make this project even more unique to your space by subbing burlap for any fabric or flexible material you'd like.

Concrete pedestal side table

For this DIY, use Liquid Nails or another strong adhesive to assemble the NYPON, SNUDDA, and RÖDEBY into a fluted pedestal side table. Then, finish off with stone texture spray and a mix of gray paints for a concrete effect. Check out Glidden paints for a budget friendly range of grays (a quart will only run you $11.98 at Home Depot). Or, you can even purchase 8-ounce sample size cans at $5.98, preventing product waste and saving even more on your DIY.

Wireless stone wall sconce

Cast an ambient light in your space without the need for hardwired fixtures. Using IKEA's BLANDA MATT 11-inch wooden serving bowl, spray paint, stone texture spray, and a rechargeable puck light, you can make a modern, wireless wall sconce for your bedroom. For a spin on this design, try using a different bowl size. The BLANDA MATT bowl comes in a 5-inch option, which you could use for a more petite look. Customize your DIY light even further by using a color-changing LED lights, like this affordable, battery-powered selection from Amazon Basics.

Mini bookshelf

The STOLTHET cutting board can very easily be used on its side as a bookend, but you can elevate the hack further with a simple DIY. Just use a hot glue gun to secure large, wooden beads to each corner of the board's flat side. The chunky, spherical legs add flare to this bookstand, which can be styled on dresser tops and bedside tables alike. You can find wood beads at a store like Michaels. But if you don't have a craft store nearby, you can also find similar unfinished wood beads on Amazon.

Tabletop greenhouse

This genius DIY takes the ÅKERBÄR and turns it into a truly functional greenhouse for small plants that require more humidity to thrive. Just use weather stripping and foam to seal the openings, then add a humidity sensor inside and a grow light on top to bring the outdoors in. Pairing the grow light with a smart plug timer makes this project perfect for everyone, from novice plant parents to experienced green thumbs. That being said, if you're intimidated by applying weather stripping to your ÅKERBÄR, you can try adding a mini humidifier to your greenhouse instead.

Bedside shelf

To create a floating bedside shelf of your own, bring together two MOSSLANDA picture ledges. The original project requires one of the shelves to be cut down to size; however, this hack could be simplified to remove the need for any advanced DIY power tools. If you have enough space on your wall, just join the two full-length MOSSLANDA shelves together and mount for a dramatic look. Or, you can opt to just use one ledge for a more compact look.

Floating headboard and bedside tables

Use two LINNMON table tops, BERGSHULT shelves, GRANHULT brackets, and some pre-cut two-by-fours to bring together a combination nightstand and a headboard. This is one of the more expensive DIYs in this list, but the cost is pretty economical when you consider the combined price of a headboard and two nightstands. It's also a bit more labor intensive, but if you're comfortable with a drill and a level, this project is not only achievable, but customizable. Change up the original DIY by mounting different styles of shelving, or take it even further by painting the headboard a statement color.

Geometric wall art

This simple DIY uses RIBBA frames and hot glue to create impactful, large-scale wall art. Lay out the frames in an overlapping diamond configuration, and then hot glue them together at any place where they intersect. There are so many ways to make this project your own. Try using different frame sizes (the RIBBA comes in seven options), spray painting the frames with a metallic silver or gold color, or experimenting with different configurations. Something asymmetrical could create an especially striking, modern accent piece.

Rattan cane headboard

If you want the look of cane furniture at a fraction of the price, try this easy DIY with the TARVA bed frame. Using staples, secure a piece of woven rattan to the back of the headboard, and trim any excess for a neat finish. Rattan weave comes in a variety of styles, and brands like Juilsioa on Amazon sell different designs by the roll for a relatively good price. To personalize your bed frame even further, try staining the TARVA's unfinished pine wood in a different finish with a product like Dixie Belle No Pain Gel Stain.