Give Your Old Washer And Dryer New Life With This Dollar Tree DIY

Your washer and dryer aren't meant to be design features, but why not? The chunky appliances take up a lot of space and should do so in style. Instead of trying to hide your washer and dryer behind doors or curtains, be proud to show them off. With a few sheets of removable wallpaper from Dollar Tree, you can cover the clothes-washing duo in a beautiful pattern and turn the appliances into stunning decor. It's a budget-friendly DIY and easy way to revamp your space.

You'll want to visit your local Dollar Tree to browse the peel-and-stick wallpaper in stock for this project, as selections can vary by store. The Herringbone Removable Wallpaper and Gold Woven Geometric Removable Wallpaper are two options available online. Alternatively, you can pull off this transformation with any leftover peel-and-stick wallpaper or contact paper you have on hand. 

Try covering the appliances with a color or print matching your walls if you want them to blend in with your home. For a bold look, embrace funky patterns and contrasting hues. You can resurface the washer and dryer to match or give them each a unique, complementing design, like vertical and horizontal stripes. You have the freedom to restyle the appliance however you see fit and have a stunning new space in just one afternoon.

Restyle your washer and dryer with wallpaper

First things first, you'll need to clean the exterior of your washer and dryer. A simple wipe with a commercial all-purpose cleaner should do the trick, or you can mix a DIY solution with equal parts water and vinegar. If there are any hard-to-reach areas, use an old toothbrush to get into the crevices. After the surface is cleaned and wiped dry, you're ready to add the wallpaper.

Start in the top corner of your appliance. Remove the wallpaper backing and line the paper to the edges of the washing machine. Once everything is flush, press firmly to adhere the design and smooth the paper as you apply it for an even stick. You can use a squeegee or straight-edge object like a credit card to help remove any air bubbles. Then, repeat with another sheet of wallpaper next to the first. Do this until all sides of the appliance are covered. If only the front of the washer and dryer meet the eye, then you don't need to worry about decorating the sides.

To get around windows, knobs, and doors, you'll need a utility knife. Cover the areas with the wallpaper first, then use the knife to cut the excess around the handles and controls. For the doors, simply slice along the opening. And that's it! In the end, you'll have a more stylish laundry room all with $1.25 sheets of wallpaper. Best of all, the design is easy to remove when you're ready for something new.