Christina Hall Has A Genius Way To Hide Your Washer And Dryer

HGTV host Christina Hall is always coming up with creative ways to design and reorganize her clients' homes. Not only does she think aesthetically, but also logistically. The home interiors she creates are as beautiful as they are functional. On the HGTV show, "Christina on the Coast," Hall transforms spaces so they work better for her clients. And the laundry room is one space in particular that always needs to function well.

Laundry is a necessary and constant chore for most of us, so function is a top priority when designing this kind of space. The basement, near the bedrooms, or in a hallway are all common areas to place the machines. Dedicated laundry rooms have also grown in popularity in recent years. The kitchen, however, is one room for laundry that might have people in disagreement. Since it's the workroom of the house, though, laundry in the kitchen can make sense, says Mosby Building Arts. However, many people just don't like the look of a washer and dryer in the same space where they make meals. Luckily, interior designer Christina Hall has a great way to keep your laundry nearby without sacrificing your kitchen's overall aesthetic.

Disguise your laundry as a pantry

Laundry machines in the kitchen are more popular in England than they are in America, according to Diary of Spaces, often because English homes are smaller. Placing them there helps save space desperately needed in other areas of the house, especially when the washer and dryer are the stackable kind. It's also fairly common in smaller abodes like apartments and condos when a separate laundry room doesn't make sense in the unit. Even in a full-sized home, grouping the plumbing together by including laundry in the kitchen is not a bad idea and it can save you some money.

For many, however, the idea of having the machines in their kitchen is off-putting. It's unusual in America, but it can also disrupt the look of the kitchen. Christina Hall has a simple solution to the cosmetic issue. Hide the appliances within kitchen cabinets. You can build a large custom cabinet to house the washer and dryer, complete with a cabinet door that, when closed, makes it look like it's a pantry closet. The Organized Home agrees, adding that there are a few different types of floor-to-ceiling doors you can use to keep the machines nicely out of sight until you need to use them.

Voilà, a functional, nearby laundry facility that doesn't disrupt the aesthetic or the mealtime.