You Can Buy The Home Alone House (& The Creepy Basement Is Now A Showstopper)

Have you ever watched "Home Alone" and wondered: What in the world did Kevin Mac Allister's parents do for work to afford that house?! Well, you might be the next family to inhabit the famous dwelling, because it's currently on the market. The iconic abode where Kevin outsmarted the Sticky Bandits and the entire family overslept (twice!) for their Christmas holiday flights is looking for takers, and it could be you! While the dwelling certainly ticks all the nostalgia boxes for anyone who's fan of the movie, the price tag — $5,250,000 — might explain why the Mac Allisters could afford to treat their relatives to so many expensive vacations. But that shouldn't give you pause if you've always wanted to relive scenes from this Christmas classic.

From the minute you approach the front, the recognizable stoop and entryway will take you back to chilly winter evenings spent watching "Home Alone." The interior doesn't disappoint, with the iconic staircase greeting you from the moment the door swings open. Think sledding down these steps or booby-trapping them to keep out unwanted guests (like obnoxious in-laws). While the 90s decor is long gone, the sprawling 9,126-square-foot home doesn't leave anything to be desired. A massive dining room with plenty of space to accommodate all the Mac Allisters in your family awaits, and the two living rooms have more than enough room to fit everyone for family movie night (perhaps a "Home Alone" marathon)?

[Featured image by Famartin via Wikimedia Commons | Cropped and scaled | CC BY-SA 4.0]

All the nostalgia, none of the 90s decorations

Wood floors and white walls make the interior feel very open and modern, which is great for a big family or a smaller one that just enjoys a lot of space. The modern gray and wood kitchen features two islands, expansive countertops, and modern appliances. A living room hangs off the cooking area, with a massive layout where anyone can keep the chefs company. There are also five bedrooms, six bathrooms, and a conservatory with windows lining three of the four walls so you can admire the sizable garden.

While all of this is enough to send most people running to their realtor, it's the basement that has made the Mac Allister house a force to be reckoned with. This updated, upgraded space features a mini-movie theater and a regulation-size basketball court complete with 25-foot ceilings. Gone is the creepy furnace — just install a smart thermostat to keep your basement the right temperature and relax with all the amenities anyone could ask for. The house might be pricey, but you don't have to pay for extended family trips if you buy it — just invite everyone over instead. Oh, and make sure to invest in a good security system like Imou just in case.