Repurpose A Tennis Ball Into A Clever Kitchen Tool To Open Stubborn Jar Lids

Have you found yourself with a surplus of tennis balls that you don't need? Or does the family dog have one they can spare? In just a few minutes, you can transform a tennis ball into a useful kitchen gadget to open stubborn jar lids with ease. This DIY solution requires minimal effort and makes unscrewing jars so easy that it's almost fun. Plus, you'll get a pair of jar openers with just a single tennis ball because both halves can be put to use.

There are many ways to repurpose tennis balls around the house, and this trick is one of our favorites. With just a utility knife and some careful slicing, you'll have a new essential that will save you time and effort in the kitchen. The size and material of tennis balls make them the perfect tool to grip onto stuck jar lids without hurting your fingers.

How to make a clever tennis ball jar opener at home

With this genius hack, you'll never have a hard time opening a jar. To make this handy gadget, all you need is a sharp box cutter knife and a tennis ball. Use a tennis ball that is in good shape to get the most out of your jar opener. Start by poking a hole into the seam with your knife and then begin to slice along the seam line. Note that you are cutting the ball along the curved rubber line instead of slicing it in half down the center. Make small incisions at a slow and steady pace to avoid hurting yourself.

Once your tennis ball has been cut in half, you will have two jar openers ready for use. The width and rubber interior of the ball is ideal for grasping stubborn lids. Plus, instead of gripping the lid with your bare hands, the ball's fabric coating is much gentler on your fingers. This easy DIY will save you all kinds of struggle and may even become one of the most useful gadgets in your kitchen. And if you have a spare tennis ball lying around, it won't cost you a dime.