Try This IKEA Hack To Get The Look Of A Stunning Gallery Wall With Fewer Nail Holes

Gallery walls allow you to turn a plain wall into a form of artistic expression. They are typically used to display several pieces of framed art or photos. The perfect gallery wall can easily make a living room look more sophisticated. Although this decor choice is gorgeous to look at, it's difficult to execute and can leave you with dozens of holes in your wall. Thankfully, you can use the IKEA HULTARP rail to hang chains that will allow you to display your photo or artwork without creating too many holes.

You only need to create holes to attach the IKEA HULTARP rail to the wall, just below your roof. After the rail is up, you will attach your decorative chains so that they hang from the bottom of the rail. Screw eyes and S-hooks can be used to attach the photo frames to the chains. Once completed, this project adds a bit more flare to a living space than a traditional gallery wall. This is thanks to the stunning exposed brass-colored chains and the IKEA HULTARP.

Where to purchase materials to build this gallery wall

If you are having a hard time picturing what this gallery wall looks like once it's all put together, you might want to take a peek at the Instagram video above posted by user @butlershire. The content creator shows how to hook the picture frames to the chain as well as where to snag the supplies you need to complete the product. The IKEA HULTARP rail is priced at $9.00 and comes in three different colors. You can choose from either black, nickel, or brass. 

You can purchase both the S-hooks and screw eyes from ACE Hardware. Their four pack of small polished brass S-hooks are priced at $1.49. A seven pack of polished brass screw eyes is $2.49 from ACE Hardware. You can buy decorative brass chain from Home Depot for $32.90. It has a weight capacity of 50 pounds, so it should be able to safely hold your frames. This chain comes in both gold and silver. After gathering all of your supplies, you should be ready to put this DIY together in just a few steps. However, you might want to start out by identifying the best places in your home for a gallery wall first.