Try This Clever Hack To Make Your Fan Blow Cooler Air On Boiling Summer Days

Summer is all about the beach, the breeze, and praying the sun turns down a few degrees. It's all fun and games until there's a heat wave and you're sweating profusely. When that happens, fans of all kinds — including floor, tower, table, and box fans — have long been the go-to way to cool your room without air conditioning. However, sometimes on the dog days of the season, the coldest fan setting isn't quite cold enough.

Fortunately, you can amplify your cooling device and feel more comfortable with a damp towel draped over the blades. You can also complete this hack with an old sheet or shirt if you don't have any extra towels on hand. This trick doesn't work with ceiling fans, as the towel would probably just fly off or fling water around the room, but it is a great way to intensify a standard electrical fan.

Give your fan a cold towel, but not a frozen one

This convenient hack won't necessarily decrease the overall temperature in the room, but it can create a wind chill effect that offers a cool relief to those near the device. First, place a towel roughly the same size as the fan's face in a container of cold water. You can add ice to the bowl or place the container in the fridge to get the towel as cold as possible. Then, wring out the cloth so it's damp and definitely not dripping wet. Finally, drape the towel over the fan, making sure it isn't touching the blades or at risk to do so. The cold towel will help circulate crisper air to help combat the heat. Once the towel dries out, repeat the process of soaking, wringing, and draping.

Some social media users have decided to freeze the soaked towel and place the icy cloth on the fan. However, you don't want to put the towel in the freezer. It seems like a great idea, like placing ice in front of your fan, but once the towel melts, it becomes a safety hazard. The wet towel can drip onto the fan motor and cause electrical shocks. Instead, to help boost the chill, place the fans in strategic areas. The best way to arrange your fans to cool down a hot room is in front of a large piece of furniture or an open window. This way, nothing blocks the circulation and you get the cool air to diffuse.