Ideas On How To Cool Down A Room

It's hard to get through a heatwave or just a hot season in general. But, with heatwaves tagged as one of the deadliest weather disasters by the National Weather Service, heat and its effects should be taken seriously. Sleepless nights and restless kids aren't the easiest to deal with on a regular day, and a period of extra heat exacerbates these things.

On that end, everyone should be familiar with some of these different ways to cool down a room to save the day whenever necessary. Air conditioning or fans might not always be workable, so it's good to have alternative methods of cooling a room to maintain a good level of comfort. This is also beneficial if the lights are out or if you aren't able to keep your cooling systems on 24/7. These ideas involve things you might already have in your house and come with recommendations on how to get more value out of them.

1. Use curtains

Suitable curtains can cool a room well when the windows are closed. Curtains with light colors work best since they reflect light and heat instead of dark colors, which absorb it. The thickness of the curtains is also a relevant factor — the thicker the fabric, the better it will be at keeping the space cool.

2. Sleep low

Ditch that bunk bed during hot seasons! Because the heat rises, having a low bed will make you feel cooler. You can DIY this by moving to a lower surface like a couch or putting your mattress on the floor.

3. Let the air in

Open the windows and doors so fresh air can come in, especially in areas that usually get hot, like the kitchen or bathroom. If you have the luxury of many windows, use that to your advantage! Open them up to make a cross-breeze so the air flows through and around the house properly.

4. Use LED bulbs

LED (light-emitting diodes) bulbs are much more energy-efficient than incandescent bulbs and will not change a room's temperature. Since they won't make the room hotter, they will definitely support the efforts of other cooling methods.

5. Use your fan differently

Use the handy trick of putting a container full of ice in front of your fan so that it blows over to send cool air into the room. You can also achieve this by covering an empty, frozen bottle, putting it on a tray, and placing that in front of the fan.

6. Use a misting fan

Misting fans are electric fans for outdoor spaces. They work by adding moisture to the air instead of churning around the already-warm air in the atmosphere. So if you're going to be in a garage or porch enclosure for a while and need to shake the heat off, keep the area cool with this cost-effective option.

7. Use cooling bedding

Cooling bedding, from sheets to pillows, will make you feel more relaxed in a hot room since they regulate your body's temperature as you sleep. Cooling mattresses are also ideal for combating that feeling of being overheated. Even though it costs more than a regular mattress, it'll improve your sleep quality and last longer.

8. Shut down your electronics

Electronic devices can produce a lot of heat while in use and while charging. Do your best to avoid them at night, so the room is cooler. Other larger home appliances like microwaves and even hairdryers can increase an area's temperature, so limit their use if you're trying to cool down the room.

9. Use the AC

Probably the most straightforward option — use your AC unit if you can! One great way to optimize your AC is by using it at a higher temperature while running the fan. In addition to cutting down on the energy used, this is effective because they reduce humidity in the air, assisting the fan in blowing cool air.