How To Choose The Best Ego Lawn Mower For Your Yard (& Key Features To Consider)

Keeping a lawn looking lush and green is no easy task. One way to encourage healthy growth is through regular mowing. Maintaining a consistent height helps grass flourish, giving it even access to sunlight, a necessary component of photosynthesis. Chlorophyll (the green pigment in plants) occurs because grass absorbs red and blue light waves from the sun and reflects green light. Neat, huh? This is what gives a healthy lawn its vibrant color. The ideal length for grass to access this optimal sunlight is 2 to 2 ½ inches. This height also reduces the risk of fungal disease and pests, adding to its overall health. However, mowing is hot and tiring work. Having the right type of lawn mower eases the job slightly. This is where Ego mowers come in handy.

Ego specializes in cordless electric tools that function like gas-operated tools, without fumes or noise. Battery-powered Ego lawn mowers are a popular choice among homeowners because of their low maintenance and lack of fuel emissions. Features like the self-propelled technology may be useful on hilly terrain. Why push the mower uphill when it can do the work for you? With a wide range of mowers, finding the right one to keep your grass lush and green is overwhelming. As you make your choice, consider the size of your lawn, how even the terrain is, and how many obstacles are on your property to mow around.

Picking the perfect Ego mower for lawn size

Ego mowers come in a variety of speeds, power settings, and battery lives, but lawn size often dictates which is the best machine for you. The Ego Power+ 21-inch Mower offers power and simplicity for small to medium lawns. Seven deck settings customize grass length from 1 ¼ to 4 inches and a 55-minute run time lets you mow for just under an hour on a single charge. For large lawns, the Power+ 21-inch self-propelled mower with Peak Power provides an increased run time of 80 minutes, and the benefit of self-propelled mowing to save your arms on long mows. With its unique three-in-one blade, you can choose mulching, bagging, or side discharge of your grass clippings. 

For extra-large jobs, you might want to consider a riding mower to cut your grass with ease: for instance, the Power+ 42-inch Z6 zero-turn mower with E-Steer technology. This riding lawn mower has a run time capable of handling 2 ½ acres in one charge at speeds up to 8 miles per hour. It also uses Ego's E-Steer technology to handle more like a car. Zero-turn mowing lets the machine turn on the spot, rather than rolling back or forward as you spin to avoid flowers and shrubs. It is also Bluetooth compatible and includes a USB charging port, which is convenient on long mows. The digital steering display shows you the mode, charge status, lights, mower speed, and blade speed.

Basing mower selection on terrain type and lawn obstacles

Some lawns are flat with few obstacles to mow around, while others are hilly with retaining walls, water features, and garden beds. For hilly terrain, especially large uneven lawns, the Power+ 21-inch select-cut XP mower with Touch Drive self-propelled technology offers a helping hand with a 75-minute run time. It's sweaty work, but there are benefits to mowing your lawn more frequently, even when it means pushing the mower uphill. Fortunately, Ego's self-propelled technology engages this mower at your touch. When you grip the handle, the mower starts moving. This means less work for your arms, even if your legs don't get a break. You can also adjust speed settings with a convenient dial on the handle. Three interchangeable blades for mulching, bagging, and extended mowing customize your cutting experience.

Ego has a slightly more advanced mower for lawns with garden obstacles. The Power+ 21-inch select-cut XP mower with Speed IQ has the self-propelled technology and triple blade option of the mower above, with a bonus feature — Speed IQ. It changes speed with you automatically as you walk. If you slow down to turn around a flower bed, the mower slows with you. A 90-minute run time also extends use, letting you take your time. Any of these battery-operated Ego lawn mowers skips the cord of other electric mower models, along with the fumes of gas-powered options. This way, mowing can be convenient and, like your lawn, a little greener.