Transform A Patio Paver Into A Low-Cost Side Table To Complete Your Outdoor Space

With summer coming up, you're likely looking for any excuse to spend time outdoors — even if that's in your own backyard. But buying the perfect outdoor furniture can quickly rack up costs, running you hundreds of dollars before you can even say "lounge chair." That's where low-priced DIY tricks come in handy, and Jess Carpenter on TikTok has just the one to spruce up your patio. Using some concrete edging, a paver stone, and industrial strength glue, you can have an outdoor side table of your own in no time. And it will only cost you about $20 when all is said and done.

The table assembly starts with a 12" x 12" paver and four scalloped concrete edgers. With the square paver on the floor, use construction adhesive to connect two of the scalloped stones by placing their bottom, flat edges together. (In this video, the adhesive of choice is Liquid Nails Fuze It, which costs about $9 for 9 ounces at Home Depot.) Next, glue the connected piece down across the center of the paver so the seam is going in a vertical direction.

Finally, adhere the remaining scalloped pavers on each side of the seam, creating a cross shaped base. The Liquid Nails should set pretty quickly, but it can take more time to fully cure. Ensure the most secure bond by leaving the table upside down and using whatever you have on hand to bind the glued pieces together for the first 24 hours after assembly. A large rubber band, tape, string, or rope will do the trick.

Play with different patio paver table configurations

The version of this table with the cross base configuration has become the most replicated by online creators, but in the original video, Carpenter shares another variation using a 24" x 24" paver stone. The result is a larger table with two legs, made from two scalloped edgers each. The bigger paver stone costs just about $9 at Home Depot – a bit more expensive, but still a bargain for the final product.

You can also use the same original materials to make a different version of the 12" x 12" table, but with a slightly different base. Creator @crazylifewithlittles shows this variation, which entails gluing two of the scalloped edgers side by side to create a thicker piece. Repeat with the other two edgers, and then connect the two new pieces at their flat edges to create a single, chunkier base. For either of these variations, make sure to let them set with ample time so that they can cure safely and securely.

Personalize your patio paver table with color

Of course, you always have the option to play with different colors and patterns of paver stones and edgers available at your local home improvement store. The scalloped edgers seem to largely be available in river red across most stores, including Home Depot, Lowes and Walmart. But there are white and gray options as well. Paver stones are available in the red color as well, but there is an additional variety of neutral tones. They also come in patterns that mimic brick or cobblestone, if that suits your taste. Try red edgers and a gray paver or vice versa for a unique color blocked effect.


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Since the overall gist of this project is simple to execute, it also leaves you plenty of time to customize your new tables further with a little bit of paint. You can opt for spray paint, like @crazylifewithlittles, or paint your table by hand like @bohofrisco. This is your moment to get as creative as you'd like: Paint the whole table one color, use different colors for the top and base, or even create contrast between the edges and broad sides of the scalloped pieces. (If you get stuck, here's a genius trick for choosing paint colors.) However you choose to make this project your own, make sure to snag the materials sooner rather than later as the TikTok trend could see a run on paver stone and edgers heading into the summer.