DIY Glass Jars Into Chic Tissue Dispensers To Add A Hint Of Elegance To Your Home

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Many household essentials can take away from the aesthetic appeal of a home. Facial tissue dispensers, for example, are important to have on hand, but they are not exactly chic or sophisticated. Sure, you can purchase decorative tissue dispenser holders to hide the unsightly cardboard boxes. However, those can get expensive. For example, one of these decorative dispensers is priced at $15.99 on Amazon. Luckily, crafting a super easy DIY dispenser using glass jars you might already have at home is far cheaper.

It only takes minutes to transform old glass jars into tissue dispensers. TikTok user @redeux_style shared a video of how to put this DIY home decor idea together in just a few steps. You can see that she removed tissues from their original box and folded them in half to fit into the jars. Once the content creator turned the folded tissues so that the arched side faces up, she was able to pull them out one by one, just like a regular tissue dispenser.

Create this DIY tissue dispenser in just a few steps

This is the perfect way to repurpose used glass jars into something functional. You might choose to gather several to use as tissue dispensers all throughout your home. This hack will allow you to place them in your living room, bedroom, bathroom, or dining room, without interfering with your existing decor. Consider selecting glass jars that compliment the design of the room they will be placed in to really blend function with fashion.

If you do not have the necessary materials on hand already, it should be pretty easy to purchase them online or in-store. You can snag the tissue from your local supermarket or drugstore. If you prefer to shop online, you can pick up three boxes of Kleenex from Amazon for only $6.99. Amazon is also a great place to search for decorative glass jars if you need to purchase those as well. You will find that most of the glass jars with smaller openings, like the ones shown in the video, come with lids. You might want to take this into consideration while browsing for jars.

Where to find fun glass jars

Amazon sells a clear ribbed glass jar that would work well for this project for only $15.99. If you would like to store a larger volume of tissues, you might prefer a pack of two ribbed glass cookie jars. These are taller than the previously mentioned jars, so you should be able to fit more tissues inside, and they are priced at $19.99 for a pack of two.

You probably noticed that TikTok user @redeux_style opted for colored glass jars for her tissue dispensers. If you prefer this look, you might be interested in Amazon's colored glass candy jar. This comes in a variety of hues, including blue, coffee, gray, and pink. There is also a clear option. If you do not want to order glass jars from Amazon, you can pick them up from a craft store or dollar store. Michaels sells a decorative blue jar for $5.99, while Dollar Tree has some pretty options for $1.25.

Rather than purchasing a brand new jar, you might want to consider going with the more environmentally conscious option of purchasing a used glass jar to repurpose. You can browse your local thrift store or antique shop to see if they have anything that would work for this project. Second-hand stores often have a large variety of glassware for an affordable price.