TikTok's Pool Noodle Decor Hack Brings Summertime Sweetness To Your Backyard

When searching for outdoor summer decorations for your backyard, you may feel like the options are quite limited. For most people, hanging a floral wreath, suspending some string lights to brighten up the space, and displaying a few yard flags is enough. Others, however, may want to really jazz up their outdoor space. Perhaps you're throwing some parties this summer and want to make a statement, or maybe you just desire to add a large decoration for your own enjoyment. Whatever the case may be, there's an easy and inexpensive way to create a long summery floral centerpiece with a decorative sign in the middle. This item would be perfect for displaying in the center of a patio dining table or along the countertop in a backyard outdoor kitchen.

While there are plenty of ways to customize this decoration to your liking, there are a few non-negotiable items you'll need to have on hand. From Dollar Tree, you can pick up two pool noodles in any color, some faux floral bouquets, assorted spools of ribbon, and two identical decor signs, ideally ones that look fit for summertime. You'll also need some type of stakes or sticks, some strong tape, and a pair of scissors.

Creating the pool noodle floral centerpiece

This project is a great way to give your patio a makeover with a Dollar Tree DIY. To begin, place your two pool noodles side-by-side, then tape them together with packing or duct tape. Next, take your faux flowers and cut the stems down to shorter sizes. You can then push these into the pool noodles, ensuring you fully cover the sides so the foam isn't visible.

Once the pool noodles are covered in flowers, create your summery sign for the middle of the centerpiece. Because many of Dollar Tree's signs are meant to hang on a wall, you'll need to convert them into staked signs, and there are a number of ways to do this. One option is to place adhesive zip tie mounts, which you can get on Amazon, onto the backside of the two identical signs. Then, use either zip ties or pipe cleaners to attach the stakes to the signs. Another option would be to attach the stakes with strong tape, though this might be less stable.

Once you've attached the stakes, push the signs into the pool noodle with the front sides facing outward so the stakes are hidden in the middle. To finish off the centerpiece, you could add more flowers between the signs as well as any other items you want to include like ribbons and flags. The ribbons could be attached with pipe cleaners, which you can tie underneath the pool noodles to secure them.

Ways to personalize the floral centerpiece

The beauty of this DIY is that it can be completely customized to your liking, starting off with the flowers. Dollar Tree has countless florals to choose from, many with bright colors that would be perfect for the summertime. For instance, you could choose rose bushes, dahlia bushes, or gerber daisies — or a mixture of all three. Furthermore, you could also include some greenery bushes into the mix to break up all the vibrant tones.

Another way to customize your design is to choose a sign that speaks to you. Dollar Tree has countless options, from summer beverage wall signs to patriotic freedom signs that would be ideal for the Fourth of July. If desired, you could even keep the sign off completely and just focus on the florals and other embellishments. For extra items, consider adding things like summer tinsel icons in pineapples and flamingos, which could be attached to garden stakes, or plastic flowers that would add a tropical vibe. If you're going for more of a country or rugged look, you could make your bows out of wired burlap ribbon

Once you've finished this project, find out how to make a Dollar Tree door decor item that will bring summer fun to your front porch.