Give Your Patio A Makeover With These Dollar Tree DIYs

With warmer weather on the horizon, we're looking for every excuse to whip our exterior spaces into shape and spend more time outside. If you're lucky enough to have a patio, you won't need to travel far to enjoy those outdoor moments. But revamping a patio space can quickly run up costs, especially if you're outfitting it with large furniture investment pieces like outdoor tables, sofas, and chairs. 

To save you some cash on décor, we've rounded up several genius DIYs from TikTok that show how to turn frugal Dollar Tree buys into stylish, patio-worthy accents. From faux plant décor and creative lighting to small but functional furniture pieces, these projects will have your outdoor spaces ready for everything. Whether you're hosting family and friends or just enjoying a moment of fresh air to yourself, keep reading to find out how many ways there are to transform your patio on a budget.

Assemble a small patio side table, perfect for drinks

This Dollar Tree DIY for a simple patio side table from @memezavalahome adds some extra surface area to your patio furniture setup, by transforming a few common Dollar Tree items into a useful side table. To bring this project to life, all you'll need are two wire waste baskets, a pizza pan, and some rope. You'll also need a hot glue gun and some industrial-strength glue to put them all together.

Start off by using the strong glue (like E6000 used in the video or the Multi-Purpose Cement from Dollar Tree) to connect the two waste baskets bottom to bottom, creating the base of the table. Then, coil the rope around the entire base, using the hot glue gun to secure the rope as you go. Spray paint the pizza pan black (or try a different color to suit your own taste and décor). And finally, secure to the top of the table base with more of the strong glue.

One pizza pan, two bundles of rope, two waste baskets, and a tube of Multi-Purpose Cement from Dollar Tree will cost you just $7.50. If you don't already have a hot glue gun and glue sticks, you can find a mini kit for under $10 on Amazon. An outdoor-rated black spray paint like Krylon Colormaxx will cost another $6 or so (also available on Amazon), bringing the highest total project cost to less than $23.50. That's a pretty good price for a stylish place to set a refreshing beverage while you lounge outside.

Use hula hoops to create impactful wall décor

If your patio has open wall space that could use some visual intrigue, look no further than this unique hula hoop DIY using Dollar Tree products. You can bring this unexpected décor to life with hula hoops and cable ties from the bargain retailer. Additionally, you'll need faux ivy to complete the look. You can pick up 12 garlands for less than $10 on Amazon. Spray paint is optional, but recommended to achieve the exact look in the TikTok tutorial from @evebydesigns1.

To replicate this project to a tee, start by spray painting your Dollar Tree hula hoops with a matte black finish (such as this spray paint and primer combo from Rust-Oleum on Amazon) for a wrought iron look. Then arrange your hula hoops in a pattern of alternating sizes and secure in place with cable ties. From there, wrap the hoop structure with strands of ivy, also securing them with zip ties. Finally, mount the finished piece with a method appropriate for your exterior wall, whether that be vinyl siding clips, nails, or screws.

The great thing about this DIY is that you can easily customize the layout of the hula hoops to fit your wall as needed. So if you have a smaller wall, use fewer hoops, and feel free to rearrange the pattern. You can also bring in additional faux foliage styles, or even supplement vines with floral garlands. For a couple of packs of hula hoops, cable ties, strands of faux ivy, and spray paint, this whole project comes out to about $20.

Turn bargain buys into elegant hanging globe lights

If you plan to sit outside in the evenings, use this Dollar Tree hack to light up your patio with a hanging planter lamp. To make it happen, you'll need two hanging planters and zip ties which you can get from Dollar Tree. Then, add finishing touches with faux foliage and battery-operated fairy lights.

In the original DIY, @hometalk glues together two hanging wire baskets to create a globe form for the base of this lamp. Dollar Tree no longer sells this product, but they do sell a 3D globe wreath form that will work as a perfect substitute — and saves you the step of zip-tying. Wrap battery-powered fairy lights around the wire globe, and then thread in strands of artificial leaves, gluing in place as you go. The video shows hot glue being used, you can use that, or opt for Krazy Glue, which you can also grab for cheap at Dollar Tree.

If you use a pack of Dollar Tree wreath forms, a tube of Krazy Glue, and a set of these rotating hooks to hang your globes, your starting cost for two lamps is just under $4. A six-pack of string lights, which costs only $8 on Amazon, plus some fake ivy garlands, make this an incredibly affordable craft that will add both charm and illumination to your evenings spent outside.

Light up your patio with tall, budget-friendly solar lamps

For another outdoor Dollar Tree DIY, @uniquesassyme shows how to create solar garden lights to line your porch with. This project works perfectly for patios that have some sort of railing that the lamps can attach to for support. From there, all you need are Dollar Tree broom handles, cable ties, and solar garden lamps to make it happen.

Start by simply inserting the stake of the solar light into the opening at the top of the broom handle to create an elongated version of the lamp. In this video, there is no step shown to adhere the pieces together, but you could easily use a bit of Krazy Glue around the edge of the solar light stake before inserting it into the handle to create some extra longevity. From there, all you have to do is use the cable ties to mount the lamps upright onto your fencing. 

The cost per lamp for this project ends up being just about $3, as is. But if you don't have fencing to support these lights, we have a suggestion for making them free-standing. In addition to your other supplies, grab a garden pot from Dollar Tree to create a base for each lamp. Then using a concrete mix, like Quikrete (available at The Home Depot), set the broom handle directly in the center of the pot. Allow to dry, and you will have a sturdy base for your lamp that can be moved around the patio wherever you need it.

Give your porch some greenery with this trellis DIY

Try out this project to create a panel of greenery for your patio. It can be used just for decorative purposes, but it can also provide a bit of privacy, as seen in the original project video from @dollartreequeen on TikTok. All you need are some trellises, zip ties, and a Dollar Tree faux greenery and florals to get the effect.

The assembly for this project is pretty simple. Use a few trellises and connect them side by side with zip ties. Then wrap and layer artificial stems around the trellises, and supplement any gaps with additional florals or foliage to get a full, lush garden effect. In the video, there doesn't seem to be a step to adhere the fake plants, other than just wrapping and tucking them around the trellises, but using some strong glue or additional zip ties can add a bit of extra hold for the décor to withstand outdoor conditions.

If you can't find trellises at your Dollar Tree (the ones used in the TikTok are no longer on their website), you can replicate the effect with square wreath forms, overlapping to create fewer gaps in the overall piece. But if you like the ornate look of the original trellises, you can find affordable options like this pretty plant support available at Walmart. The cost of the project varies depending on how much greenery you use. But compared to the time and money needed to create a wall with real vining plants, this project boasts cost-saving convenience.

Turn a simple doormat into something unique

In this DIY Dollar Tree project, @lizfenwickdiy shows how you can repurpose a doormat to create a new one that has a more sophisticated, bespoke look. All you will need from the discount store is a doormat along with some nautical rope. You will also want to have a hot glue gun, some scissors, and some masking or painter's tape on hand.

Follow this DIY by using a flexible edge to create a semicircular template on the rectangular door mat. In the video, the creator uses a flexible piece of wood, but you could just use a piece of rope taped in place as a guide. Or, pin a piece of string to the center on one side, and use it as a massive makeshift math compass to draw a perfect semicircle with. Use scissors to cut out the shape, and then get started on your rope work. Following the bend of the semicircle, use the hot glue to secure the rope as you snake it back and forth over the surface of the mat. Create a loop pattern every several rows, until your rope fills the surface area of the rug.

You will likely need a couple of the nautical rope bundles, but between that and the mat, your checkout total at Dollar Tree should still only be around $4. You likely have the other materials you need on hand already, but if you don't, they can be found online or in craft stores for a bargain. And you can reduce costs even further if you have an old doormat on hand that you're willing to upcycle.

Prop up your potted plants with just a couple of affordable items

Make the potted plants on your patio more dynamic by adding some modern, affordable DIY plant stands for them to sit on. To follow this DIY from @rocioruizhomedecor on TikTok, grab a few of the gold iron baskets and a container of Scotch tape from Dollar Tree. To create the taller stand, place two of the basket openings together, and secure them by just wrapping tape around several connection points. Then simply place your plant on top. Use another basket turned upside down as a second, lower stand.

For three baskets and one roll of tape, you will only be shelling out $5 total for this project. If you'd like to give the connected baskets a stronger hold, consider using an industrial-strength glue to attach them together. You can even opt for Krazy Glue or Multi-Purpose Cement, both of which are available at Dollar Tree for just $1.25 per tube — the same price as a roll of tape. Either way, you will have a chic new addition to show off your patio plant life for a bargain.

Hanging lantern with flower pot base

Bring both light and greenery to your outdoor space using this DIY project, also from @rocioruizhomedecor on TikTok. Pick up a plant pot, a solar lamp, jute cord, a glass jar, and some artificial leaves and flowers, all available at Dollar Tree. You will also need some heavy garden rocks (a steal from home improvement or craft stores) and a shepherd's style hanging hook, which can be found for just $4 at Walmart.

To put this project together, start by placing the hook in the center of the pot, surrounding the base with rocks to keep it in place. Tuck bundles of leaves and flowers into the pot, in between the rocks, to create the look of a potted plant. To make the actual lamp, unscrew the top of the Dollar Tree solar lamp and place it inside of a jar. Tie twine under the lip of the open jar to create a hanging loop. Hang the jar from the stand, and you're all done.

If you don't want to venture far from Dollar Tree for your supplies, you can also opt for this complete hanging solar lantern, in lieu of the separate shepherd's hook. In addition to its convenience, it will also save you costs on the other materials. Either way you execute it, the project is an affordable way to bring some pizzazz to your patio.