The Secret Tool To A Perfectly Polished Shower Is In Your Kitchen

Did you know that you can make your shower sparkle without using any chemicals? The solution is one you wouldn't expect — parchment paper. Believe it or not, wax-coated baking sheets (both wax paper and parchment paper) can be incredibly effective at removing soap scum and blemishes from metal fixtures such as shower heads and handles. In addition to your shower, you can use wax paper to clean your sink by rubbing a strip of it on your faucet. If you're looking for an alternative to traditional cleaners, you can easily remove hard water stains with this household item that you likely already have in your kitchen.

Although the wax paper trick has received many glowing reviews when it comes to cleaning metal, it may not work as well on other parts of your shower. The jury is still out on whether or not it's as effective on shower glass. Let's dive into everything we know about this hack and what the users of #CleanTok have to say about it.

How to clean your bathroom fixtures with parchment paper

Baking paper is an unexpected secret weapon when it comes to cleaning bathroom fixtures. The little-known wax paper trick gained popularity on TikTok, with cleaning enthusiasts claiming that this solution works wonders. The texture and waxy coating of the paper effectively remove hard water stains from metal fixtures. It turns out that you don't have to bust out the cleaning supplies to remove those unsightly blemishes in your bathroom — a single strip of wax paper can restore your faucets and cabinet handles to sparkling condition. It doesn't matter which color or variety you use; as long as the baking sheet is dry and not greasy or wet, you should be able to rub those hard water stains away with ease.

In addition to metal fixtures, shower glass is also susceptible to limescale and soap scum buildup. Wax paper appears to be an effective tool on shower glass, but the reviews are mixed. A video demonstration by Smart Fox shows that hard water stains can be completely removed from shower glass by rubbing it with a baking sheet followed by a dry towel. However, other TikTok experiments have found that shower glass is tricky to clean with wax paper.

Here's what TikTok has to say about cleaning shower glass with wax paper

TikTok users have put parchment paper to the test on their shower glass, and some were not impressed with the results. User @lucykalice gave the hack a try and said that it took "way too much effort," and that regular glass cleaner would be much better suited for the job. In another demo video, TikToker @marissa_explains said that wax paper appeared to remove some of the bigger hard water stains on her shower glass but did not get it clean.

However, not everyone gave this hack a failing grade. User @the.wilkins.way had far more positive things to say about it. The TikToker used a baking sheet to wipe soap scum from the glass and metal frames of her shower, and said that she would "definitely use this hack again" because of how effective it was. Other positive reviews used parchment paper as a substitute for a cloth to wipe off regular cleaning spray and were satisfied with the outcome.

Keep in mind that the baking paper cleaning hack works best on metal. You can apply it not just to your shower head and fixtures but also shower curtain rods and shower door handles. Anything metal in your shower or bath is sure to benefit from a quick scrub with wax-coated paper.