Grow Plants In Nothing But Water With A Dollar Tree DIY That Doubles As Decor

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One of the most amazing perks of gardening is that it can be made more accessible for those who wish to create a flourishing garden in a small space. If you do not have room for big, soil-filled containers or pots, consider opting for plants that can propagate in water. You can start these plants in a glass bottle you might already have on hand, and an easy Dollar Tree DIY will help you turn these plants into a trendy home decor piece. To complete this project, you'll need to attach over-the-door hooks to a wooden plank — this is where you'll hang your plants.

Plants like philodendrons or pothos will thrive in these water-filled glass bottles, and this DIY is perfect for beginner plant owners who might find it easier to start their greenery out in water. To build the base of this affordable plant-holder, grab two of Dollar Tree's Essentials Over-the-Door Hooks and a Crafter's Square MDF Wood Plank Board. Tool Bench Hardware Nylon Cable Ties and Super Glue Fix-All Adhesive will help you secure the door hook to the wood plank. Finally, Floral Garden Colored Floral Wire can be used to hang the Clear Glass Bottles with Flip-Top Metal Clasps from the hooks. All of these materials are only $1.25 each from Dollar Tree.

How to craft this DIY plant hanger

After gathering all of the materials required to complete this project, consider following the tutorial posted by TikTok user @doitonadimeofficial. In the video featured above, you can see that @doitonadimeofficial started by breaking off the hanger portion of the over-the-door hooks, because they're not needed for this project. This is step one. Next, use your glue to adhere the over-the-door hooks to the wooden plank. Although @doitonadimeofficial used E6000 for this step, you can use the previously mentioned Dollar Tree super glue to save a bit of money. However, feel free to use the E6000 if you already have some on hand.

For the next step, ensure the over-the-door hooks are secured to the wood plank while the glue dries. The content creator used nylon cable ties to accomplish this. If you prefer not to purchase these, you should be able to place something heavy on top of the metal so that it's weighed down while the glue dries. You will need to use an item narrow enough to fit in between the metal prongs and hooks. After the glue has dried, hang your DIY in your home. Attach the Floral Garden Colored Floral Wire to the glass bottles and hang them from the metal hooks as your final step.

Tips for growing philodendron or pothos in water

You may have noticed that @doitonadimeofficial mentioned placing either philodendrons or pothos in your glass bottles, as you can successfully propagate them in water. Keep in mind that there are a few tips you can follow to ensure these plants thrive in this environment. For philodendrons, do not forget to change out your water. You will need to do this every three to five days. Your philodendron is ready to be transferred to a pot and soil after its roots grow in fully, which should take about two months.

For pothos plants, you will need to change out your water either biweekly or up to every three weeks. It's important to purchase a good liquid fertilizer to use in your water when growing pothos plants. This will need to be added to the water every four to six weeks. You can find a variety of liquid fertilizers on Amazon to use in your water. The Professional Liquid Pothos Plant Fertilizer, for example, is priced at $15.49. The Farmer's Secret Pothos Liquid Plant Food Fertilizer priced at $9.99 is another great option. Both of these products are concentrated, so keep in mind that you will need to dilute them with water.