Repurpose Old Binder Rings Into A Clever Entryway Key Storage Solution

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One of the most important items to have in your entryway is something that will organize your keys. Whether you use a bowl, basket, or hanging rail, it's crucial to ensure that you keep track of your keys so that they don't get lost. There are plenty of storage options you can purchase, but if you want to save some money and get creative, make your own hanging key rail. While you could reuse old pot lids to create an entryway storage solution, you can also use another unexpected item: binder rings. To create this key organizer, you'll remove the rings from the binder, paint them (if you want), attach them to your base of choice, and hang the finished product in your home's entryway.

There are so many benefits to creating this decorative and functional organizer for your home. Besides saving you money, this is also a great way to repurpose an item that you may have otherwise thrown away, especially if the rest of the binder is falling apart. You can also personalize this piece to your liking by using different paint colors and base options. Further, this DIY is simple and can easily be completed in a day or weekend. Hang this piece by itself or as part of a larger gallery wall, or use multiple binder clips, either arranged vertically or horizontally, to create a large key holder feature wall.

Choosing the right materials for this DIY project

Before you begin creating this must-have item for your foyer, you'll need to choose the right materials, starting with the spray paint used on the binder rings. Rust-Oleum is a great option, which can be purchased on Amazon for under $6. Choose any color and finish you desire. Neutrals will help the piece blend in, while bright tones will make it an eye-catching accent. Alternatively, keep the rings their original shiny metal finish for a more industrial look.

Next, get creative with the base. While a cutting board is a good option, you could also use a simple wooden plank. Any flat base that's wide enough to hold the binder rings will do — even the deck of a skateboard. Consider painting the base to give it more personality, or forgo the base altogether and simply screw the rings directly into the wall.

Finally, you have the freedom to choose whatever items you desire to attach the binder rings to their base. If you want the attachments to blend into the piece, use two simple screws that match the color of the rings. Alternatively, to make this feature stand out, opt for two decorative lamp finials. For instance, purchase two black and bronze knobs for $12 on Amazon, or antique brass knobs from Antique Lamp Supply for $1.80 each. Ensure these are small enough to fit into the two holes on either side of the binder rings.

Creating key storage out of an old binder ring

As demonstrated by redeux_style on TikTok, to create this key holder, begin by removing the metal rings from the binder. To do this, wedge the back of a hammer or a flathead screwdriver underneath the rings to dislodge them. Once freed, you can then personalize the rings to your liking. If you want to paint them, begin by sanding down the exterior, then open up the rings and place the clean item on some cardboard or a cloth outside. With your spray paint of choice, cover the rings with an even coat.

Once the rings are dry, it's time to attach them to your base (if you choose to use a base) with your screws or finials. You may also need to drill small pilot holes into your base to make the screws more secure. Before screwing on your binder rings, use a level to ensure they're straight and a measuring tape to ensure they're centered on the base. Then, once attached, simply hang your new key holder in your entryway.

If you don't like the idea of using this piece to keep your entryway clean and organized, consider hanging it elsewhere. For instance, organize jewelry or scarves on it in the closet. Or, store kitchen utensils and oven mitts in the kitchen. Hand towels and decorative items like hanging plants could be suspended in the bathroom as well.