Reuse Old Pot Lids To Create A Unique Entryway Storage Solution

Entryways are the place where you want to present an orderly and unchaotic space to welcome guests or visitors. Wall hooks and coat racks are an essential part of any well-appointed space near entrances and exits, allowing ample room to stash coats and jackets, as well as keep other things like bags and scarves up off the floor. While you can buy a variety of stylish wall hooks from retailers, you may be overlooking some great repurposing and upcycling opportunities to create hook systems with items that may already be lingering in your home. By using a few discarded pot lids, you can create cute and rustic hooks and hanging loops for your doorway for little to no cost.

Old pot and pan lids often meet their end in landfills, particularly once the pot has reached the end of its usefulness. But some great DIY coat hook projects take individual or groupings of lids off the shelf or stove and onto the wall. All you need are some old metal lids, some paint, screws, hot glue, and a bit of salvaged wood.

Making hooks out of old lids

Turn your old pot and pan lids into cute wall hangers by affixing the metal bases to a piece of salvaged wood or hang the lids individually on the wall itself for a more staggered effect. To hang them alone, just add a nail to the wall and place the lip of the pan lid to rest on it. For a larger rack with multiple lids, you can use hot glue to affix the perimeter of the pans to the wood itself. Or add some more screws with a drill in the center of the pot near the handle that will attach them to the board. 

If the lid has a deeper recess, you may need to build your wood out with a block in the center of the lid to attach the screws more securely so the lid does not move around. You could also affix shallower pot lids to the board by gluing some thick magnets to the wood.

Customizing and styling your hangers

This DIY project is totally customizable, with many options for the number and variety of lids you can use, as well as the general aesthetic of the rack. Leave the wood in its natural finish or paint it to create a shabby chic style. Leave the lids in their original silver or paint them with a glossy enamel or chalk paint to add some color. You can even hand paint decorative designs on them. If you're unhappy with the plain black handles, you can swap them out with inexpensive glass knobs for a charming rustic glam look. If you are going to use glue and a wood base, you can also take this approach with glassware lids from casserole dishes and teapots. Pot or pan lids with a long handle can work for this DIY as well. Just add a large metal S-hook to the handle before hanging. 

For an organized entryway, place your pot holder hooks on the wall of a mudroom or door alcove that needs a little whimsy and more spots to hang coats, bags, and other accessories. They also would look adorable in a rustic, vintage, or industrial style kitchen to hold things like aprons, tea towels, and reusable shopping bags. For a kids' room, add some animal faces or googly eyes to the lids for a fun coat rack.