The Popular IKEA Cabinet That Can Handle The Storage Of A Linen Closet

When it comes to bathroom storage, there are the haves and the have-nots; either your bathroom is loaded with shelves to hold your linens and cosmetics, or it's been endowed with a few measly inches of space to stash your belongings in. If your bathroom falls into the latter of the two, you likely feel a little cheated by life (and very inconvenienced on a daily basis). The solution? A stand-alone storage cabinet, which can house all of your possessions securely until you need them.

IKEA's NYSJÖN ($89.99) is a slender cabinet that possesses the ability to transform your messy bathroom into an organized oasis for towels and various personal items alike. Customers love its five shelves (each large enough to accommodate plenty of items) and its clean, simple lines that help it blend into any aesthetic. Since it is designed to nestle into cramped spaces — it has an under-one-square-foot footprint — IKEA lets you choose what direction you want the door to swing in. A few quirks to bear in mind before purchasing the NYSJÖN: This piece is designed with only two legs at the front of the cabinet, requiring that you mount the cabinet to the wall in order to use it, the knob is said to be too small for some, and the hinges make the door easy to slam if you're not careful. Despite these inconveniences, customers who have purchased the item claim that it is a useful piece.

How to use the NYSJÖN in your bathroom

There are many approaches for making use of your NYSJÖN: some individuals likely haphazardly load each shelf to its capacity, while others spend time carefully organizing the shelves with baskets to house their items. While there is no right way to use the NYSJÖN, some tips might help you make the most of its storage potential. Purchasing small baskets or bins for organizing your bathroom cosmetics according to type can make something easier to find what you need when you need it (bonus points if you find stacking bins to take advantage of the tall space between shelves). Alternatively, if there are multiple individuals sharing the storage space of the NYSJÖN, you can assign each person a shelf of their own.

As far as linen storage goes, the capacity of the NYSJÖN ultimately depends on the size of your towels. Carefully folding or rolling your bath towels can simplify your life when it's time to pull out a fresh one. Consider keeping washcloths and hand towels neatly organized in baskets with an open front, which will make it easier to grab what you need, as well as to restock on laundry day. NYSJÖN's simple design is perfect for many bathrooms as is, but you can always have a bit of fun personalizing this IKEA item by painting surfaces, like the door and legs, to give it a pop of color.