The Biggest Downfall To IKEA's Popular TUFFING Bunk Beds

IKEA is wildly popular, and for good reason. It offers sustainable products and incredible items for a great price. From furniture to rugs and everything in between, IKEA has something for everyone. Unfortunately, not everything the Swedish retailer sells is a hit with customers. The TUFFING bunk beds aren't getting glowing reviews. IKEA shoppers say it's difficult to assemble, and the instructions are lackluster. Its overall design also leaves little to be desired, according to consumers. Yes, bunk beds might assist with the best furniture layout for a small bedroom, but it's important to read the reviews before purchasing. 

One of the ways IKEA keeps costs low is by selling furniture that requires assembly, which is also called "flat packing." This means customers are responsible for putting their own furniture together, although IKEA does partner with Taskrabbit to offer expert assembly for an additional charge. Unfortunately, not everyone wants to pay someone to assemble their items, which can turn products like the TUFFING into a purchase worthy of being returned. Yes, IKEA has a return policy, but if you opened your TUFFING and tried to assemble it, it may be a huge pain to send it back. And with customers saying things like, "poor instructions and design," it can be a little daunting for anyone considering this product. A workaround is to DIY your own bunk beds, but buying the TUFFING for $149 may still be a better deal, even with the hassle of assembly. 

What customers are saying

The IKEA TUFFING has 4 stars and 392 reviews as of this writing, but they're not all glowing. One person explained, "This bed needs better instructions, clear and concise. To put this together is an absolute nightmare...Getting the mattress flats put together is the most illogical design I've ever witnessed in my life." Another customer shared that, although these bunk beds are "great for apartments...[the] bed was difficult to put together when it came to the slats part. I had to figure out how I was to hold the net with slats and screw it to the frame. Maybe that construction should be enhanced." However, other people love the TUFFING and have added plenty of positive reviews — so your decision may come down to weighing the pros and cons. 

IKEA sells other bunk beds, such as the MYDAL for $349. It's pricier but has a slightly higher rating (although less overall reviews). At the end of the day, if you're focused on price and don't mind a bunk bed with "nightmare" instructions, then the TUFFING might be worth considering. Keep in mind that, while the instructions might be less than ideal, Taskrabbit is always an option. If you really want the right bunk beds for your space and this product fits the bill, be mindful of the negative reviews and take any advice offered by consumers. One person's review simply said, "Two person assembly," so heed the warning before ripping open the packaging.