TikTok's Binder Ring Hack Brings Order To Cluttered Spaces

Have you newly graduated from college with two, four, or seven years of homework, studying, and tests under your belt? Perhaps your children have recently been released from school for the summer, or you just seriously need to tidy up your home office desk. All of these scenarios have something in common — a pile of used binders, folders, and other supplies. Some of them might still be in good shape. After resharpening your pencils and wiping marks off your folders, many of these things can be used again for the same purpose. However, if you don't plan to return to school or simply have too many supplies, reconsider donating it all to the thrift store.

Thanks to Sarah Teresinski, @redeux_style on TikTok, known for her sustainable styling and upcycling projects, we can repurpose metal binder ring components to declutter spaces around the home. Keep in mind that larger binders, 2 inches or wider, are best for this project as the rings will open with plenty of room to hold objects. In her TikTok tutorial video, Teresinski removes the ring mechanism from the center of the plastic folder — this can be challenging depending on how it's attached, so consider using something you can wedge under the metal to break the rings free, such as a butter knife. Once the pieces are separated, this super easy DIY is complete after you secure the metal to the inside of a cabinet — with the rings open — to store items, such as your curling iron.

Where to use this TikTok binder ring hack

Even though the original hack from Sarah Teresinski uses the binder rings hung vertically to store a curling iron inside her bathroom cabinet, this DIY has a plethora of other potential uses. In the bathroom, these metal hooks are durable and the perfect size for holding all kinds of hair tools, including straighteners and blow dryers, for easy access. However, it really shines when the same idea is applied to your home's garage, laundry room, kitchen, and other spaces. After ensuring that your binder ring mechanism is securely attached to a wall or another surface — vertically or horizontally — (just be sure to choose the right screws for your DIY project), you can play around with long, skinny items that fit snuggly through the three rings, or smaller items with something to hang them by. In the garage, you might hang a hammer, screwdrivers, or paintbrushes above your workbench, while binder rings hung in the laundry room could be used for orphaned socks, belts, or scarves.

If you decide to hang the binder rings out in the open, in the kitchen, for example, consider taking a couple of extra steps. Give the metal a quick sanding and a coat of spray paint before securing it to your chosen surface. This will turn it into a functional piece of décor, unrecognizable as a part of your old school supplies, so you can display cute pot holders, aprons, or even suspended air plants from the rings.