Try The Stylish Stone Trend In Your Bathroom With This Beautiful Cabinet Idea

Marble, soapstone, and quartz are go-tos for durable, sleek countertops. But, these materials no longer need to be relegated to just upper surfaces. Maximalists are embracing the trend of all-over stone cabinets, using marble and similar materials for cabinet doors and frames. This creates a look that is engrossingly seamless. But, while designers like Sara Hillery of Sara Hillery Interior Design (via Martha Stewart) have advocated for the all-stone cabinetry trend in the kitchen, there is one more place that it might be even better suited: the bathroom.

Marble has been a popular choice for bathroom surfaces and fixtures for centuries, owing largely to its durability. It is also easy to clean with a simple mixture of dish soap and water. This is great news for anyone who has ever spent an afternoon scrubbing their wood cabinetry with smelly wood cleaners and polishes. Believe it or not, stone doors need not be ridiculously heavy either: marble, onyx, and quartzite doors can all be manufactured in ultra-thin, lighter-weight panels. With the craze for minimalist interior design going strong in every room of the house, stone fits in well with a monochromatic, edgy design scheme based on simple shapes, patterns, and colors. 

Embrace the cutting-edge trend of stone bathroom cabinetry

The world's top designers are now jumping in on the marble trend in bathrooms and putting their own spin on it, incorporating marble and other stone into their cabinetry designs. Award-winning Los Angeles-based designer Ryan Saghian frequently uses striking marble with stark color variations and texture to add all-over pattern to a bathroom. Ashley Botten of Ashley Botten Design based in Canada has applied marble wainscoting to a recent design in Toronto (featured on her Instagram) which also featured a matching built-in marble sink. The all-over stone cabinetry trend seems to focus on repeating your stone pattern in other areas of the bathroom as well as the cabinetry. A stone-faced built-in bathtub or stone tile shower would make a stunning counterpart to your stone cabinetry.

There are also options for putting together a look inspired by this trend, on a budget. Cabinet refacing is an option for adding doors to match your stone countertops without changing out your cabinet frame. To do this, you want to opt for an ultra-thin lightweight stone or faux stone so you do not put too much weight on your wooden frame. Ultra-thin stone doors can even be veneered onto existing doors. You can also purchase an entire cabinet made from faux stone, typically produced using plastics like melamine. Just remember that plastics are not nearly as durable as stone.