Stop Cramming Coffee Cups Into Stuffed Kitchen Cabinets: Try This DIY Instead

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If you're sick of stacking coffee cups to make them fit in your kitchen cabinets, you've probably searched high and low for creative ways to display your adorable mugs. Some homeowners love the idea of using rails with S-hooks, while others enjoy free-standing racks or large wall displays. You may have even seen a mug storage wood pallet DIY that would free up cabinet space. However, perhaps you don't want to have your coffee mugs out on display. Maybe you love that they're tucked away in their cabinet, but you just don't seem to have enough room to store them all. If so, this idea is for you. Maximize your coffee cup storage by installing screw-in hooks inside your cabinets. Once installed, you'll be able to easily hang the mugs by their handles.

Before you tackle this simple DIY project, you'll first need to choose the right hooks for your space. They need to have a curved shape to securely hold your cups. Besides that, you can choose hooks in any color or material you desire, and there are lots of inexpensive options on Amazon. For instance, you could purchase either stainless steel or brass plated options. Or, you could decide upon white vinyl-coated hooks. Consider the color of the inside of your cabinets when deciding if you want the hooks to stand out or blend into the area.

How to install hooks and hang your coffee cups

The first step to this DIY is to remove all your mugs from their crammed cabinet. If you're moving your coffee cups to another location, also empty out that cabinet as well. Next, decide if you want to evenly space out the hooks, in which case you can use a measuring tape and a pencil to mark where you should drill in even increments. If you don't care about creating an orderly appearance, you can install the hooks anywhere you desire without much thought for a more whimsical look.

Once you've decided where you want the hooks to go, it's time to break out your electric drill. Create small pilot holes on top of each of the pencil marks, then simply screw in your hooks and make sure they're secure. Finally, hang your mugs from their handles and place any extras below them on the shelf. On the other hand, if your mug storage is fine but your drinking cups are taking up too much room, discover a hanging cup storage solution that will keep your cabinets neat and tidy.

Other ways to hang mugs inside a cabinet

However, while this DIY is a great idea for those who own their home, perhaps you're just renting and don't want to cause damage to the kitchen cabinets. If so, you could use a nail-free adhesive coffee cup hanger that costs less than $10 on Amazon. For this product to work, you'll have to store your mugs underneath a shelf in your cabinet, and the shelf must be 0.8 inches thick or less. This product comes with two racks, and each hanging rack has six hooks.

Or, maybe you'd rather attach your mug hanger to the back wall of the inside of your cabinet instead of the underside of a cabinet shelf. If so, you could use a metal rod coffee mug rack that comes with five S-hooks, also available on Amazon for less than $10. You would use the screws to attach this piece to the back of your cabinet and hang your mugs on the hooks. Of course, before purchasing, ensure that your cabinet is wide enough, that the mugs won't hit the bottom of the cabinet when hanging, and that you can still reach the mugs from the back of the cabinet.