Creative Ways To Turn Pool Noodles Into Stunning DIY Centerpiece Decor

Creating a centerpiece for every special occasion can be daunting, but this essential process is made easier and more affordable with the simple addition of pool noodles. While these kid-friendly favorites may seem like an unconventional addition to your dining table, there are several creative ways to utilize these funky floatation devices. Their lightweight structure and easily manipulated material make them ideal for a range of DIY projects.

From a seasonal switch-up to your everyday display, every centerpiece should reflect your style. You don't have to break the budget to create a centerpiece that accurately represents your distinct aesthetic. Cut, curl, and cover your pool noodles in paint to turn them into a beautiful focal point. Get crafty with household items and prioritize speed and simplicity. If you have an important event on the horizon, these pool noodle hacks from TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram are lifesavers. Find the best pool noodle DIY that suits your unique space.

Fill a glass vase with stems and greenery

Embrace botanical style with a sweet and simple hack. @littlepettitpad on TikTok demonstrates how to create a stunning centerpiece with a glass vase, faux greenery, and a pool noodle. Pierce the noodle with the wire stems and stick a statement flower in the top of the pool noodle as a finishing touch. The main flower is a great way to reflect the season and can be easily swapped out. Alternate the sizes and lengths of branches for visual variation. While this user chose a monochromatic color scheme, you can add splashes of color through thoughtfully placed buds.

Shape floral foam alternative in a wooden centerpiece

If you have a centerpiece box begging for flowers, @findingeasy on TikTok suggests pool noodles as an alternative to flower foam. Simply cut a pool noodle in half length-wise and place both sides next to each other to fill the space. You can trim the edges depending on the size of your wooden box. Choose leafy silk flowers with wire stems and insert them facing outward while working your way in. @findingeasy opted for branches with plastic pumpkins in the middle of the arrangement, which you can switch out for a year-round appropriate centerpiece like eucalyptus leaves or faux hydrangeas.

Create a centerpiece with floating candles

Create a romantic ambiance by filling a bowl full of water and cutting pool noodles into thin sections. Follow @casagrella's lead on Instagram and stick tea candles into the pool noodle holes. The candles will float effortlessly and add a touch of ambient mood lighting to your dining space. In addition to the candles, you can also float cut flower heads in the bowl for an elegant appearance. This is also a great way to help preserve fresh-cut flowers even longer once they've begun to wilt.

Design an affordable centerpiece for weddings or festivities

One of the most expensive elements of any formal event is the flowers. For a budget-friendly alternative to live flowers and greenery, follow @creativedesignsbyteresha's lead on TikTok. Start with a rectangular metal flower stand and cut each end of the pool noodle so you can slide the metal frame into each end of the noodle on the diagonal. Pierce artificial flowers into the pool noodle until it is completely covered and no foam is visible. The flowers should appear as if they are overflowing above and below the frame.

DIY a decorative vase with pool noodles and gems

On Instagram, @my_home_by_kendra_nicole showcases a brilliant DIY centerpiece idea using a flexible cutting mat, pool noodles, and large rhinestones. Cut the pool noodle in half length-wise and then into two-inch thick sections. Roll the mat into your desired circumference, secure it with tape or glue, and then glue the pool noodle pieces all the way around the sides of the structure in a brick-laying pattern. Finally, cover the entire piece with metallic acrylic paint and glue the rhinestones between the layers. Try marbles or artificial pearls if the rhinestones are too flashy for your taste.

Make your own pillar candles at different heights

If you have faux tea candles on hand but want to design a more dramatic centerpiece, use pool noodles to create the effect of pillar candles at custom heights. Follow Creating It Myself's instructions on YouTube and cut three pieces between 3.5-6 inches tall. Next, place the tea candles on each pillar and cut around the top so that the candles can sit snugly and flush with the top of the pool noodle. The flame is the only portion of the candle that should be visible. Wrap each candle in decorative tissue paper that reflects your current celebration.

Form a wild, overgrown floral centerpiece

A pool noodle acts as a great anchor for long, leafy stems and artificial wildflowers. @smalltownwreathshop on Instagram shows off a stunning faux floral centerpiece using a pool noodle in a decorative basket. While you can use any flower basket as the base for this arrangement, a rectangular shape will hold a pool noodle tightly, which is ideal for keeping your bouquet secure. You can use a window box as a structured alternative. Don't be afraid to play with a variety of decorative flowers that look real

Arrange a romantic, heart-shaped spectacle

Whether you want to surprise your sweetheart or simply create a retro-inspired centerpiece, heart-shaped decor is making a massive comeback in both events and interiors. Follow @tamarabradshaw's instructions on TikTok to create a romantic centerpiece using a pool noodle and a few essential accessories. First, cut a hole in a gift box just large enough to slide in two pool noodle halves. Next, use rubber bands to secure the arches of the heart. Then, use these barbecue skewers to ensure that your heart stays upright. Lastly, glue bright pink and red roses onto the pool noodles and skewers for a finishing touch.

Form glamorous centerpiece, custom with melted wax

For another way to turn your pool noodles into DIY candles, follow along with @creatorsalley on TikTok. After you cut your pool noodle into candle-length sections, spray paint the pieces with metallic paint. Then, melt wax over the top of each pool noodle to give the appearance of a real dripping candle. Finally, place tea candles on top of each piece. You can surround your arrangement with silver bows, as demonstrated by @creatorsalley, or tinsel for a more festive appearance. To really lean into the glamorous look, spray an additional layer of Glitter Blast on top of your candles.