DIY An Affordable Canopy Bed Using A Simple Curtain Rod Trick

Indulgence has a new title: "Regencycore." If you're loving all of the emerging trends and aesthetic upgrades that people are bringing into their home that echoes the Regent Era and its lavish luxury style, and if you want to find ways to bring more Regencycore into your home, then you won't be disappointed to find out that this interior decor inspiration seems here to stay. Gather your skirts and don your trousers, because this canopy bed hack will turn your bedroom into a boudoir that could rival the set of "Bridgerton" or your favorite Regent period piece. The great part of this project is you don't need to install an actual canopy bed in place of yours; you simply need to invest in some curtain rods, chic or lavish curtains of your choice, and commit a little time to creating this clever canopy.

There is nothing untoward in wishing your bedroom could look as elegant and whimsical as those that grace any Regency era shows and movies. Curtains, or more commonly known as drapes during this period, were used to display elegance and add lightness to a room, which is why canopy beds were so in vogue. You can replicate an elegant canopy bed with curtain hacks, and this DIY version with Wayfair's Adjustable single rod, which comes with three rods that interconnect, will have all the gentle readers gossiping. Simply hang the rods from the ceiling and add curtains to create a canopy that surrounds your bed nicely.

Attach an adjustable curtain rod to your ceiling

The rods are adjustable, so you can fit them to most bed lengths to ensure they "enclose" your frame properly. For about $100, the three rods also come with the hardware needed to attach them to your ceiling. Once you have them, you can use a laser or measuring tape to mark out where on your ceiling each rod will need to be placed. When doing this part, consider where your frame extends to on each of the three sides not touching the wall, so that the curtains won't hang onto your mattress. You can decide exactly how close you want them, but 1 inch or so of space will keep the linens from getting tangled.

Once everything is lined up and marked out on the ceiling, use a drill to connect the hardware and insert the rods. These will surround your bed on the three sides that don't press against the walls, so if your bed currently resides against two walls, it may be time for a furniture shuffle. After they are hung, all you have left to do is add the curtains of your choosing. Linen looks light and brings an airy vibe to the room, but you can play with drapery to suit your aesthetic.