The Pool Noodle DIY That Can Help Prevent Your Cat From Shredding Your Furniture

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Cat owners are all too familiar with the damage furry felines can do around the house. They often scratch furniture or carpets, leading to rips and tears. Unfortunately, adorable indoor cats can easily ruin your home's aesthetic. Cat scratch posts allow these pets to claw away without harming your household items. This way, furry friends enjoy the claw maintenance and anxiety relief benefits of scratching without causing destruction. Luckily, you can actually create your own cat scratch post with a sisal rope wrapped around a pool noodle; for extra structure, all that's needed is some plastic tubing.

To create this DIY, you will need a pool noodle, a plastic tube or PVC pipe that is narrow enough to fit inside of the pool noodle, hot glue, and a piece of particle board or cardboard to create the base of the cat scratch post. You will also need to create a hanging toy to attach to the post using feathers and rope. You can attach a bell to the toy as well. After gathering all of the supplies you need, you can build this pool noodle DIY in just a few simple steps.

How to craft this cat scratch post

As you can see in the TikTok video posted by user @sobe_ette, it's pretty easy to follow along to create this cat scratch post. You will simply slide your plastic pole or PVC pipe into the pool noodle. You may need to slide the side of the noodle to fit the pole inside. Use hot glue to wrap the sisal rope around the pool noodle. Next, glue the completed post onto the cardboard or particle board base, cover it with felt, and complete your hanging cat toy.

If you are wondering where to snag all the supplies you will need, you should know that you can easily purchase them online. Amazon has a sisal rope option priced at $11.99. Dollar Tree sells pool noodles for only $1.25 each. You can pick up PVC pipe and particle board from Home Depot and have it cut to size. Pricing for those items will depend on the size you need. You can grab up craft feathers and felt sheets from Dollar Tree to use for the hanging toy. To save a bit of money, you can use a Dollar Tree jute cord to hang the toy rather than purchasing cord from a craft store. This affordable cat toy DIY will be the perfect addition to the homes of cat lovers looking to protect their furniture from pet claws.