Experts Are Loving Kendall Jenner's Bold Kitchen Cabinet Color Choice

There can be no denying that green kitchens are all the rage at the moment. As such, it's no surprise that home design experts are big fans of Kendall Jenner's teal cabinetry. In fact, those in the know have lauded the color choice for everything from its aesthetics to its calming properties. 

The color of Jenner's cabinets first became public knowledge back in 2020, when the supermodel opened the doors of her adorable LA home to AD. In her interview with the outlet, Jenner explained that she'd previously had an all-white kitchen, and while she could see the beauty in it, it didn't exactly entice her to spend more time in it. By contrast, her newer kitchen, with its teal cabinetry, couldn't have been more different. "I never knew that a certain kitchen could make you want to cook so much," she shared, adding that it ended up becoming the part of the house she spent the most time in. 

Also speaking to the outlet was the creative team behind Jenner's home, comprised of interior designers Waldo Fernandez and Kathleen and Tommy Clements. As Tommy explained in their accompanying AD video interview, the entire kitchen revolved around the color, which Jenner had picked right off the bat. Paired with white marble and brass hardware, Tommy summed up the space as "just a really chic kitchen." Chic, indeed — and there's also a lot to be said for how peaceful it is. 

Experts appreciate the relaxing homeliness of the hue

Kendall Jenner's designers aren't the only ones to have mentioned loving her choice of color for her kitchen cabinets. Speaking to Homes & Gardens, Sherwin Williams' Tobias Lewis explained that the color's ties to nature played a major role in creating a calm environment. "Room color ideas that have a biophilic nature, such as blue and green, evoke a stress-relieving and mood-boosting atmosphere. This makes teal — a deep, cyan-green shade — ideal for rooms to wind down in," he told the outlet. 

Experts have also been impressed by how the color added a sense of coziness to the kitchen. As Jenner had said in her AD interview, the teal was intended to bring warmth into the room — and according to the owner of Sam Cram Design, Sam Cram, the color choice did just that. "We love this teal color pop on these cabinets. This creates such a homey feel in the kitchen," she wrote in a blog post. 

In her AD interview, Jenner explained that her goal when she started renovating her home was to create a sanctuary for herself. For that reason, we'll go ahead and say the fact that experts have remarked on the calming coziness of the hue means that the mission was accomplished. 

You can create a cozy oasis of your own in your kitchen

Of course, Kendall Jenner designed her home alongside some industry experts — but don't fret if you don't have the budget for that, yourself. As it turns out, stealing the look of Jenner's home is relatively easy. Plus, there are even ways of getting around the costs of doing so. 

Per AD, the exact shade Jenner opted for was Benjamin Moore's teal. The brand's Advance Interior Paint is developed specifically for surfaces like doors and cabinetry and goes for just under $82 per gallon on the Benjamin Moore website. If that's too pricey, one alternative is Prestige Paints' shade 663BM-PCM, which goes for just under $60 on Amazon. That said, it is a slightly lighter variation than what's been used in Jenner's kitchen. And, as The Little Greene Paint Company's Ruth Mottershead pointed out to Homes & Gardens, the darkness of Jenner's teal cabinetry is what added to the warmth of the space. "Darker teal colors can exude a cozy, cocooning quality and harness the character of a room," she explained. With that in mind, if you can afford to splurge, the Benjamin Moore option is certainly your best bet. 

For the full effect, consider adding elements like marble countertops or their much cheaper lookalike, porcelain. After all, speaking to AD, Tommy Clements pointed out that the addition of the marble really elevated the teal. Calming, cozy — and both supermodel and interior design expert-approved.