5 Refrigerator Organization Hacks You Didn't Know You Need

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There are some simple pleasures that come with homemaking, and while an organized refrigerator might sound mundane, opening those doors to reveal shelves of arranged storage can be so rewarding. While shops, both online and brick and mortar, offer an array of organizational tools for your fridge, finding clever hacks can save you some money and might even end up creating more space. Using egg cartons to organize your fridge's condiments is just the beginning — swapping out bulky containers for bags, incorporating Lazy Susan's for easy access, and attaching magnetic strips are just some of the clever tricks that will reshape the way you stock your ice box.

Gone are the days where people just threw their groceries into the fridge with abandon. Organization is the name of the game, and for some reason it makes your tasty treats even more tantalizing when they're neat and orderly. If you've been looking for ways to up your fridge game, these tips can help get you going!

Use an egg carton to organize condiments

Keep your old egg cartons and use them to keep your condiments organized and structured. Cut off the top portion of the container, leaving only the portion with the holes. This should fit into any of your fridge's door shelves (and if you didn't already know, these shelves are usually specifically designed to hold these boxes). 

Once the carton is nestled into the door, add condiment bottles with the lids turned downward to avoid the jumble that usually comes from shoving a bunch of products together on a shelf. Most standard lids should fit into the crates — just make sure they're screwed on tightly so you don't have to deal with a mess. If you notice the egg crate is flimsy, replace it with a new one to ensure it snugly holds the bottles. An eco-friendly and sustainable storage option, all without extra cost to you.

Add magnetic strips to hold drinks

Magnets can usually be found on the outside of your refrigerator, but magnet strips to hold your drinks? What else will they come up with? Options like these BottleLoft strips adhere to the top of your fridge (on the inside) and hang drinks with metal tops. Free up coveted shelf space by hooking your cans and bottles to them, then slide tupperware or flatter items underneath to optimize storage!

You can find them for $30 at Uncommon Goods (or similar options for around the same price on Amazon), and assembly is easy since they stick to the top of your fridge with strong adhesive. Magnetic strips aren't bulky, either, which means they won't affect your refrigerator's aesthetic. In fact, these clever hacks make it look even more organized and create easy access to your preferred beverages.

Use storage bags instead of boxy containers

Tupperware and food storage containers have changed the way people preserve their edibles, but even the most functional sets can sometimes get bulky, especially if you have a smaller fridge. Have you ever needed to keep a small portion of food and wished for a streamlined way to store it without taking up valuable shelf space? Well, the answer to your problem might already be in your pantry or cupboards, and it's just a simple storage bag. 

Ziploc and similar brands are obvious choices for packing food, but they can also be used to hold your leftovers or unneeded ingredients. The best part is that these bags easily fit into small areas that a boxy Tupperware or glass dishes sometimes can't. They can tuck into drawers, on top of stacked storage containers, and even in the doors of your fridge. Don't throw them away after you remove the contents: Wash them with soap, water them, and let them dry to reuse again and again! You can also help keep your fridge clutter-free by having a designated night to eat your leftovers.

Unbox items and save the instructions

Your fridge might play host to a variety of ready-made meals, frozen foods, or new boxed items you're excited to try. These yummy additions can take up quite a bit of room in your appliance, nudging out other necessities. It's second nature to pop food inside the refrigerator in its original packaging when you come home from the grocery store, but by removing boxes and bulky outer shells, you can create more space. 

The key here is to cut out any cooking or preparation instructions from the box, bag, or carton, storing it somewhere you can easily find it when you're ready to eat. Simply take your treats out of their original wrappings, cut away the directions with scissors, then discard the excess packaging and store the eats. Most boxed foods come inside a tray or bag anyway, so you can get rid of the exterior without worrying about damaging the food.

Add in a Lazy Susan and some sponge holders

Lazy Susan's aren't just for countertops and tables. These convenient tools can also be added to your refrigerator to help organize it and make things more accessible. No matter how professionally packed your appliance is, anything at the back can be tricky to reach. If you find yourself having to play Tetris or a game of rotation any time you need an item, put a Lazy Susan on one of your shelves and pick whatever you need with a quick spin. You can grab one from Amazon for just $25. The great thing about installing one of these in your fridge is that it also keeps everything clustered together. If you keep all of your condiments or jars on it, you'll never lose track of them again.

If you like the idea of adding trays or easy-to-reach pieces, you can also grab a sponge holder from Dollar Tree for just $1.25. This gives you a spot to keep small items that don't have a designated home. It's a real game changer for fridge organization and can be suction-cupped to the sides of your refrigerator to optimize space and utilize every inch.