Hilary Farr's Garden Showcases Beautiful Flowers You'll Want To Plant ASAP

It's not hard to make a list of all the things to love about Hilary Farr. In addition to hosting "Tough Love with Hilary Farr" and cohosting the iconic HGTV show "Love It or List It" with David Visentin, Hilary Farr is also an avid gardener whose taste in plants and outdoor design can serve as a blueprint for anyone looking to spruce up their outdoor space. By using Farr's taste for white flowers, texturally interesting plants, and native blooms that attract pollinators, you too can create a space that is simultaneously cozy and sophisticated.

One of the first things you may notice when looking through Farr's beautiful Instagram posts of her garden is the number of white flowers she incorporates. Shadier parts of her garden feature beautiful white flowering hydrangeas which Farr pairs with light-colored hostas in a match made in shade garden heaven. Sunnier locations boast white coneflowers (Echinacea purpurea), white cactus dahlias, and even white mandevilla (Mandevilla x 'Sunmandeho') and white culver's root (Veronicastrum virginicum).

How Hilary Farr uses textures in the garden

Despite the use of white flowers throughout, Farr's garden never becomes boring or repetitive thanks to the variety of different textures she uses. From the spikes of the culver's root to the soft, fluffy shapes of the hydrangea blooms, there are a wide variety of textures playing off each other in the garden. Farr also uses ferns, hostas, evergreens, and other nonflowering plants to add textural elements to her outdoor space. Additionally, she makes excellent use of vertical space by using hanging baskets and the climbing mandevilla.

Textures and patterns can be seen thanks to her use of elegant black and white patterned cushions with pops of color. Farr also incorporates a gorgeous dark colored metal water fountain, which she decorated around beautifully interesting sculptures, and even metal signs to bring some visual weight to the space. All these metal elements play beautifully against the rustic wood of Farr's outdoor chairs.

Incorporating native species and helping wildlife

As Farr notes on the caption of an Instagram post showing off her garden, she loves "seeing the flora, fauna and critters make [the garden] their home". Her inclusion of native plants like echinacea and culver's root helps to ensure pollinators and other animals enjoy the garden just as much as Farr does. Her garden shows how you can create a pollinator and wildlife friendly garden space without sacrificing personal style.

Even if you don't have as much space to work with, you can still incorporate many of these ideas and plants. If you follow Hilary Farr's garden advice to splurge on plants and planters, you can create year round outdoor appeal even in a small space by making your plants the star of the show. Spending a little more to get larger and healthier plants and planters that can accommodate them is a perfect way to give your patio or other outdoor space a makeover without breaking the bank too much. Just make sure that plants that live together in the same planter have similar soil, water, and lighting needs so they can all thrive.