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The Brilliant Pool Noodle Hack That Will Elevate Your Summer Pool Parties

Take a moment to imagine yourself enjoying a sunny poolside brunch in Bali with tropical fruits, fresh coffee, sparkling mimosas, and more — all while relaxing weightlessly in the pool. In one attempt at floating our favorite summer foods, we tried using a pool noodle as a drink float, but it didn't make a splash – and certainly wouldn't work well for snacks. But with a floating basket tray, you can have your cake and eat it too! 

Similar resort-style basket trays from Amazon can cost hundreds of dollars, but with plenty of genius pool noodle hacks you should be using in your backyard, you don't need to spend big to enjoy this luxurious pool accessory. A clever TikTok hack shared by @celiacsweetie can help you stay cool in the pool without sacrificing your resort-style vibes — or your hard-earned cash. All you'll need to make your own floating basket tray is a pool noodle, a pretty tray, waterproofing spray, and some superglue.

Leaving your drinks and snacks on the side of the pool is always an option, but it doesn't protect them from bugs, and causes them to warm up quickly on the concrete. Plus, why would you leave them on the side when you could build your own stunning and chic pool tray? Here's how you can follow @celiacsweetie's TikTok tutorial for a beautiful floating basket, plus some tips on improving the hack. 

A floating serving tray is this summer's hottest hack

To build your pool tray, choose a large, shallow serving basket, such as this one available for just over $20 on Amazon, and a pool noodle like this one for $1.25 at Dollar Tree. If you're using a natural woven tray like the one shown in @celiacsweetie's TikTok video, you'll also need an outdoor water shield spray like Scotchgard, available on Amazon for about $10 per can. Start by evenly coating the basket in the waterproofing spray and allow it to dry completely. Next, cut your pool noodle into segments the same size as the width of your tray, then slice each noodle segment in half lengthwise. Super glue the cut, flat side of each segment to the bottom of the basket in neat rows, then stack something heavy on top until the glue has dried. Then you're ready to float! 

If you follow this tutorial to a T, you'll end up with a fun floating basket tray that really does work, though it may not last as long as the expensive options retailed on Amazon. However, you can make it even more practical and durable by using a woven plastic or wicker basket instead of the natural grass material to keep your pool floats in tip-top shape for next year. With the plastic basket, you can also fill it with ice and use it for floating cold drinks.