Easily Store Pool Noodles With A Simple Dollar Tree DIY

Pool noodles aren't just for water fun. These foam floats can serve a number of purposes around the house, and can bring summertime sweetness to your backyard in the form of decor. They even work for a number of home pet hacks! However, if you're not using these genius pool noodle hacks to fix up your yard and actually use them to swim with, this Dollar Tree DIY will give you a place to keep your pool toys that also looks tidier than just stacking them against a wall. All you need are three laundry baskets, some zip ties, spray paint, and a tool that can cut plastic. This quick and easy hack will create a no muss, no fuss holder that saves space and could even come in handy for holding other items like brooms (upside down), PVC pipes, and more.

Your first step is to head to your local Dollar Tree and purchase three Plastic Stacking Laundry Baskets ($1.25 each). You want the circular options, as they will eventually create a conical unit that doesn't take up too much floor space. You also need zip or cable ties like these Dollar Tree Nylon Cables and spray paint in any color you prefer to give your holder a little more of an aesthetic vibe. You don't have to change the color of the baskets, but the spray paint can also help to protect the plastic against the elements.

Use laundry hampers to build a holder

Once you've assembled all your items, take the laundry baskets and cut out the bottoms of two of them with a knife or boxcutter. The entire bottom circle should be removed so you can easily slot pool noodles through them. You don't need to focus too heavily on making every cut even; just try to slice as close to the rim as possible. Place the uncut laundry basket on the floor, and then stack one of the altered hampers upside down on top of it. The two mouths or openings should be facing one another so that the bottom of the cut basket is at the top. Use your zip ties to connect the lip of each together, securing the baskets all the way around.

Place the last laundry hamper with the bottom against the middle basket, so that you have a more narrow opening. Zip-tie these together as well. Then place a paint-proof tarp or some cardboard underneath, and use your chosen spray paint to cover the hampers. Allow them to dry fully before adding pool noodles, and you've just created a simple storage unit for under $10!