Coffee Filters Are The Handy Tool You Need For A Spotless House

The next time you make a steaming pot of joe, don't put away the coffee filters right away. These compact and inexpensive household items can do more than help you brew your morning coffee. The same qualities that make them strong and absorbent enough to hold scalding wet grounds make them ideal cleaning cloths and odor-fighters. All these pluses make coffee filters a handy tool you need for a spotless house.

There are tons of creative uses for coffee filters around the house. These paper products are surprisingly effective for cleaning and protecting surfaces. With these paper powerhouses, you can wipe furniture, sanitize screens, prevent kitchen messes, and even soak up unwanted odors. The absorbency and shape of coffee filters, plus their lint-free wiping ability, may make coffee filters your new favorite household staple. An added bonus is that when you're done cleaning, you can eliminate waste by tossing the filters into your compost pile!

Make surfaces sparkle with coffee filters

With just a bit of water, a spray of cleaning solution, or a bit of furniture polish, a coffee filter will shine up nearly anything in your home. The filter's fine texture that keeps fuzzies out of your cuppa is a miracle for cleaning glass. Remove watermarks and fingerprints from drinking glasses or eyeglasses with a quick swipe. Let the sunshine in by using coffee filters to remove grime from windows. And make mirrors glisten with a filter and one of our best ways to clean your windows for a streak-free finish.

Their lint-free makeup can help you to remove dust from furniture, blinds, and electronics beautifully, even with just a bit of water. Try this nifty coffee filter hack that'll leave your stainless steel shining bright. Give stainless steel appliances a rub with a filter and a small amount of olive or coconut oil for just-like-new luster. Keep a few filters on-hand while cooking for an easy way to clean up spills as you work.

Prevent messes and smells in your home with coffee filters

There are a lot of better things to do with your time besides cleaning. Cut down on messy, smelly issues with some coffee filter-based prevention tips. If you have fluted circular filters, their shape is top-notch for covering plates and bowls in the microwave. Let the filter catch all the splatters and save the trouble of scrubbing out caked-on food stains. Don't dirty yet another dish during an already intense cooking session. Lay a coffee filter or two next to your pots and skillets for a trouble-free disposable spoon or spatula rest.

If your house looks spotless but doesn't smell that way, fix it with an odor-eating bundle. Grab a circular or conical filter, a rubber band, and some baking soda. Pour a couple of tablespoons of baking soda onto the center of the circle or add them to a filter cone. For extra odor-fighting, sprinkle a few drops of your favorite essential oil onto the baking soda. Bundle together the top edges of the filter, secure them with the rubber band, and toss them anywhere needing some refreshment.