Reuse An Old Chair To Attract More Birds To Your Yard. Here's How

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Birdwatching is fascinating, and it only takes one look at the winged-creatures to see why. Further, this activity is most enjoyable when you can do it right from your home or yard, and an old chair can help you with that. We're not using the furniture as a seat but instead turning it into a bird-magnet. You can attract more feathered friends to your outdoor space by transforming the old chair into a bird bath. To complete this DIY, you'll simply place a basin on the base of the chair and fill it with water.

There are many advantages to attracting birds to your garden. Some species help pollinate flowers, while others take care of pests like mosquitoes, aphids, and spiders. Plus, who wouldn't enjoy sitting on the porch and listening to the melody of a sweet bird song? Water is a great attraction for your local birds to cool off or have a drink. 

You can use any old chair you have on hand for this project, from leather dining room chairs to metal patio seats. Even an old stool can work. This repurposing hack is also beginner-friendly and easy to complete. Your local birds may start flocking to your yard the same day. Further, if you have more old chairs, you can also use them as plant stands or bird feeders to lure in even more feathered friends.

Create a DIY bird bath

To create the bird bath, you'll need an old chair and a shallow tray. Feel free to decorate the seat by coating it with spray paint in your favorite color or adding a new stain. After decorating, spray the chair with a protective waterproof sealant. This way you can leave the seat out in the elements without worrying about wear and tear.

While the upcycled chair will act as the bird bath stand, the tray will be the dish that holds the water. A 10-inch Terra Cotta Bowl can be purchased on Amazon for $11, or you can use another shallow vessel like an old serving dish or trash can lid. Ideally, the tray should be 1 to 2 inches deep. You also want to use an unglazed dish, as a glossy surface may be too slippery for the birds. Glue the saucer to the seat of the chair or simply rest it on top before filling it with water. You can also add rocks to give the birds places to perch.

Once completed, place the DIY bath in a shady area. However, it should be away from any thick shrubs so you're not luring the birdies close to any hiding predators. It is also important to keep your bird bath clean and frequently change the water. And if you have another chair, why not make a matching bird-magnet?

Use an old chair as a plant stand or bird feeder

You can also reuse an old chair as a plant stand to attract more birds to your yard. Similar to the bird bath, the first step is decorating your chair and sealing it with a waterproof coating. You can either get fancy and cut a hole in the chair's seat to insert the potted greenery or simply rest the planter on top. Also mount hanging brackets on the chair's armrest or top rail to house as many bird-attracting plants as possible. The plants can be a great source of nectar, or the chair can be a place for the flyers to perch before they stop at the bird bath. When it comes to what foliage to add to your upcycled chair, remember that native plants are perfect for bringing birds to your yard.

Another way to upgrade your old furniture is to make a bird feeder. You can use a saucer, bowl, or plate, fill it with bird seed, and rest it on top of the seat. The hand and back rails offer the birds a great place to perch as they enjoy their dinner. However, ensure you change out the seeds often to keep them fresh, and also beware that this could attract other critters to your yard like squirrels.