The Dollar Tree Broom Hack That Makes Summer Pool Toy Storage A Breeze

Tired of playthings littering your pool patio? Excited kids worn out from swimming rarely pick up after themselves, no matter how much you remind them to. The desire for snacks and a nap is strong — and that goes for weary parents, too! Sure, you could pile everything into a shed, weatherproof toy chest, or patio furniture that'll upgrade your seating while creating storage space at the same time, but all of these options cost dollars. Instead, simply head to your nearest Dollar Tree and pick up a broom handle, a couple of over door hooks, and some cable ties. Zip everything together and hitch the contraption over a nearby fence. Now, you have a rail with handy hooks for hanging everything from inflatable swim rings to wet beach towels.

You can get everything you need for this hack from Dollar Tree. Specifically, look for the 47.5 inch long Essentials black plastic broom handle (it doesn't come with the broom head) and your choice of over door hangers. Go matching with the black Essentials over-the-door hooks (SKU 272019) or fancy-up your pool storage by investing in the Simplify clear crystal over-the-door hooks (SKU 354992) at a pricier $5 each. The chandelier-style balls in the end of the hooks might prevent quickly pulled off towels and swimsuits from snagging, too. If you need more hooks, consider the over-the-door 6-hook hanger (SKU 186703). Finally, pick up a pack of 8-inch nylon cable ties in black or frosty white — you choose your preferred hue — while in store.

It takes just a few minutes to craft this pool toy storage fixture

This hack is ridiculously simple to do, even if you're not particularly handy. First, lay the broom handle (head end) at one end of a door hook hanger so it overlaps it a little. Loop a cable tie over the hanger and handle and pull tight. Repeat with two or more cable ties until secure. Do the same on the broom handle's other end. Cut the extra length from the cable ties and hang your creation. A poolside fence is perfect — it's long with door-width planks. Alternatively, you could hang over shed doors, pool fence railing, or pergola beams. Use pliers to stretch out the hooks at the back of the hanger, allowing you to place it securely on thicker beams.

This DIY uses a broom, but any old pole will do; it just needs a hole in one end (drill one if needs be) to thread the zip ties through. Just make sure it's made from a durable material like powder-coated steel or a heavy plastic so it withstands all kinds of weather and repeated tugging. After all, it'll be outside at least all summer long with toys looped over and removed from it constantly. It's amazing what you can organize with just a broom from the Dollar Tree (and a few extra bits and bobs). Need more simple storage ideas that make it easy to keep non-hook-able toys organized? Hang a plastic net bag or laundry basket on one side of the rack. Bonus: Water will just drip through it.