The Patio Furniture That'll Upgrade Your Seating While Creating Storage Space

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Patios can often become cluttered with outdoor supplies, like gardening tools or pool items, that leave you with less room for comfortable seating. However, that could all be changed with just one versatile piece of furniture. For those who could use some extra patio storage space or don't have cohesive furniture, outdoor storage benches are a clever way to perk up your patio. This can be a great option for maximizing a small patio space, and it will also provide you with extra seating when hosting large gatherings.

Depending on what you're looking for, you could get a bench with a back and armrests that has storage underneath, like the Tangkula wooden outdoor storage bench for $150 on Amazon. Alternatively, you might consider a simple storage bin with a lid that is strong enough to act as a bench. You could even craft your own storage and seating solution if you're DIY savvy. No matter what type of bench you choose, you could customize it by adding cushions or painting or staining it to match your patio's aesthetic.

Ideas for a patio bench to create extra storage

If the main goal of sprucing up your outdoor space is to add more storage, you may want a patio bench that's more like a storage bin. For example, the Gymax rattan outdoor storage bench box, priced for $230 at Home Depot, has a lid that lifts to access storage but also doors on the front that open so you can easily reach the items inside. This would be a great option for those that want a little more organization and space to sort their belongings but don't mind not having a back on their seat. Similarly, the Costway acacia wood deck organization box at Home Depot for $130 has lots of space, and the stylish wood allows it to blend in nicely as a seating option. 

For those that are super crafty and would rather make their own piece, there are several ways to DIY an outdoor storage bench. You could simply craft a traditional bench with armrests and a back, where the seat lifts up to access the storage beneath. You could also make a bench that has open slots beneath for bins, crates, or even drawers that can be easily pulled out. You may also prefer the look of a flat bench, which would be similar to the storage boxes previously mentioned. If you don't want to spend hundreds on outdoor seating, DIYing it instead can be a great option that allows you to have total creative control.

Tips for upgrading your patio with a storage bench

When choosing a patio storage bench, you'll want to consider how it will look with your other outdoor furniture, how much storage space you'll need, and what you'll be putting inside of it. If you're considering adding storage space to keep more valuable items like tools out of sight, you might want to get a bench that can be locked. For example, the Keter Solana storage bench, $160 on Wayfair, has two metal pieces on the lid and the front of the box where a padlock could be added to protect your gear.

For those that don't have a covering over their patio, you'll want to ensure the bench you choose or make will hold up against rain and other harsh conditions without damaging what's kept inside. When searching for the right material, consider how it will hold up in snow, sunlight, rain, wind, or whatever your local weather entails. Resin wicker, aluminum, wrought iron, and rattan are often used for outdoor furniture because of their ability to hold up in various elements. If you prefer wood furniture, cedar, redwood, acacia, black locust, and teak can be great options, though wood may warp over time. Additionally, if your bench isn't particularly comfortable, try decking it out with outdoor pillows and cushions, which could be stored inside the bench when not in use.