Try This Ice Cube Trick For Your Hummingbird Feeder & Thank Us Later

If you have a hummingbird feeder in your yard or garden, you're certainly not alone. These are among the most favorite of all birds in the U.S., as their small size, coupled with their lightning-fast movements, fascinate bird enthusiasts and homeowners alike. Plus, each type of hummingbird boasts beautiful colors you may be lucky to see as they zip by your house.

You may have taken many of the right steps in attracting these small but mighty birds to your outdoor spaces, such as providing food, water, and shelter. However, if you're among the lucky ones to regularly attract hummingbirds to your garden, you'll also need to consider their needs across different seasons. This includes helping to keep them cool during the hot summer months. If temperatures are soaring in your region, you might consider how certain types of ice cubes can help your hummingbird friends, all with supplies you likely already have on hand.

Nectar ice cubes can help keep hummingbird feeders cool

If you can make ice at home, consider making nectar ice cubes. These can help keep your hummingbird feeders cooler for longer during the hot summer months. While the ice cubes will inevitably melt throughout the day, the idea here is to place fresh nectar ice cubes in the feeder each morning so that hummingbirds won't be faced with hot nectar to drink. Use homemade nectar consisting of white sugar and purified water of a 1 cup to 4 cup ratio and boil the ingredients together. After you've allowed the mixture to cool, carefully pour it into ice cube trays before placing them in the freezer. 

Also, you'll want to add fresh ice cubes every day. As the International Hummingbird Society notes, while nectar can generally be changed out every three to five days, you need to do so more often on days that hit 90 degrees Fahrenheit and above. In theory, using nectar ice cubes ensures a clean and cool food source for these birds, and they are more likely to drink it before it goes bad.

Consider other ways you can help cool off hummingbirds

Aside from making nectar ice cubes, there are other steps you can take to help hummingbirds stay cool during the hot summer months. First, make sure you have a water source for them, along with a nectar feeder. Clean drinking water is vital for hummingbirds throughout the year, especially during nesting season. These birds also prefer shallow baths over a traditional birdbath for songbirds, and they also love flying through water misters. 

Safe shelter is another necessity for hummingbirds. It can help them avoid predators and keep them cool. Hanging small plants or planting shrubs and trees can provide hummingbirds with the shelter they need and places for respite. 

You may also want to consider your hummingbird feeder. If it seems hot despite adding nectar ice cubes, consider moving the feeder to a cooler location, such as underneath a shaded area if possible. Another option is to install a battery-powered fan to the hummingbird feeder to help keep things cool.