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Our Top Lawn Leveling Rake Suggestion (And One To Avoid)

Achieving a level lawn is easier said than done, and without the correct approach or tool you may spend hours of backbreaking work attempting to do it yourself. In particular, the one tool that will simplify and expedite your yard project is a lawn leveling rake. Designed specifically to even out bumpy patches on your grass, this tool is a simple yet highly effective solution for your problematic lawn.

Not all lawn leveling rakes are equal in their design and efficiency, and one product stands out as exceptional in its performance: the Rasenrakel L-80. Designed and manufactured in Germany, this tool has a near-perfect record of 5-star reviews. It is made with extra strong stainless steel, which will protect it from rusting, and has enough weight pressing down on the head to render a successful leveling session. The Rasenrakel retails for $149, which is pricey, but its lifetime warranty means that this will be the only lawn leveling rake you'll ever need to purchase. Customers who have purchased the Rasenrakel laud the product for its high-quality design and masterful workmanship. One important thing to note is that when shipped internationally, the company does not include a handle. That being said, attaching one of your own — wood or otherwise — is easy to do.

The underwhelming lawn leveling rake to avoid

While the Rasenrakel will likely exceed your expectations, the same cannot be said of the Yumatum 72-inch rake. While it may initially grab your attention with its low price of $65.99, the drop in price will come with a corresponding dip in quality. While the rake does have some features that lawn levelers should (such as heavy weight — 10 pounds — for leveling a bumpy lawn), many of those who have purchased the Yumatum complain about the durability. Imported from China, the rake does not have the same attention to detail that the Rasenrakel does, with several customer reviews stating that the rake broke after only a few sessions.

Most of the critical customer reviews for the Yumatum rake feature pictures of the handle breaking off at the head of the rake, rendering it useless. The customer photos also draw into question the quality of the metal used, as it doesn't seem up to heavy-duty jobs, despite the product description's claims. While Yumatum's product is cheap, you get what you pay for. You would likely be better off spending a little more to purchase a higher-quality tool.

Tips for finding the ideal lawn leveling rake

No matter your specific needs, selecting the right lawn leveling rake will take a little sleuthing, as well as knowing what to look for. High-quality metal, such as stainless steel, is a non-negotiable, given the amount of pushing and resistance this tool is used for. A strong metal also means that the rake will be able to withstand rusting that may occur from moisture on the ground. A funky design flaw to look out for in many lawn leveling rakes (even the beloved Rasenrakel) is spaces where dirt will become lodged, such as on the top of the head's metal slats. While this won't necessarily interfere with your leveling task, you will need to remember to sweep, shake, or blow out the dirt to keep the rake clean.

The perfect version of this lesser-known lawn tool will come with a heavy head, as the weight will provide some extra smoothing power for difficult portions of the ground. You will want to look for a product that has a strong joint between the head and the handle, as this is the portion of the rake that receives the most stress and is prone to breaking. Finally, remember that a good price does not always mean a good product — in many cases, it can signal that the rake has been made without consideration of durability and attention to detail.