Get Rid Of Fleas Naturally With Tips & Tricks From Our Pest Control Expert

Once fleas have entered your home, they can sometimes be extremely difficult to get rid of. Even after you've treated your furry friend for these pests, they're likely still hiding somewhere under your roof, laying eggs and reproducing. While many flea remedies involve harsh chemicals, you may be hesitant to try these options for your or your pets' safety. Thankfully, Matt Rogers, the CEO and co-founder of Pestie, a pest control supply company, spoke exclusively with House Digest about natural methods to get rid of fleas in your home. According to Rogers, vacuuming is a great way to combat any that might be hiding in your carpet, bed, curtains, upholstery, and pet's bedding.

While this option may seem too easy to really eliminate fleas, Rogers explained how important this cleaning job can be. "This simple strategy is effective and can remove 95 percent of eggs and fleas from carpet and pet bedding," he said. "However, you must thoroughly clean where you suspect the fleas are living." By sucking up the minuscule insects and their eggs, you're on your way to getting them out of your house for good.

Tips and tricks to get rid of fleas naturally

Once you've thoroughly vacuumed every area you think fleas you could be hiding, Matt Rogers recommended the next steps in his exclusive talk with House Digest. Start by emptying your vacuum into a bag that can be completely sealed shut. You may want to do this outside to avoid spilling any eggs in your home again. Afterward, place the sealed container in your outdoor garbage. This is a great start for getting rid of fleas, but some may still be hiding and multiplying in your home.

Rogers said that your washing machine can help you exterminate fleas. "If you suspect your pet's bedding is a source of fleas, washing and drying them on the hottest setting will kill flea eggs and adults since fleas are killed at high temperatures," he told us. "Wash their bedding every week like this to ensure you're killing any and all eggs and fleas." You can also do this with your own sheets and blankets, fabric coverings on your furniture, or any cloth material you can wash with hot water. Take a look at our other piece about what you need to do if fleas are in your bed.

Expert solutions for naturally getting rid of fleas

If you're struggling to eliminate the fleas intruding in your space, Matt Rogers suggested some natural DIY pest control options. Besides keeping your home extra clean and thoroughly washing your linens, he explained that applying Borax and diatomaceous earth to surfaces like your carpet will help you say goodbye to fleas. "Both of these powders desiccate or dry out fleas and eggs," he told House Digest in our exclusive interview. "They're often recommended for use but should be handled with care to prevent inhalation." Food grade diatomaceous earth is considered to be generally safe for pets and could be applied to their bedding, but Rogers said Borax should be kept away from your animal's space.

For those who continue discovering fleas but don't have any animal companions, Rogers explained that there may be a larger issue at play, such as a wild animal living inside or beneath your house. Additionally, eliminating these tiny, nasty pests from your home naturally will take a bit of time, but he stressed the importance of persistence. "Sometimes, it can feel like you're fighting an uphill battle," Rogers said. "Just remember that eggs may be hatching and developing, making it look like you are seeing more fleas. Keep up the thorough cleaning, vacuuming, and DIY treatments, and you'll get rid of those fleas for good!" By sticking with these natural methods even if they're taking a while, you can make your house flea-free. In severe cases, you may want to contact a professional.