TikTok's Creative Door DIY Solves A Big Problem With Small Bedroom Layouts

How do you approach furniture arrangement in a bedroom with limited space? According to design experts, the best layout is one where the storage solutions utilize vertical space, and the bed and rugs are positioned cleverly to maximize space — think floor-to-ceiling shelves and an oversized rug placed under the bed. Another bedroom feature that can affect the efficiency of the layout is the door, which is why one creative idea from TikTok is to turn a traditional door into a set of double doors. Because they are narrower, they take up less space when opened and are less likely to get in the way. 

Doors are overlooked when it comes to features that are space-consuming, but they make a big difference in how a room feels. Their size, weight, and direction in which they swing open, whether in or out of the room, are just some factors that will determine whether they help or hurt the room's layout.

Double doors are the solution

In the video, the creator's issue was that the door leading into their bedroom couldn't open out fully in the tight space and it ended up obstructing the bedside dresser. In this small room, this was inconvenient and also made the space feel even tighter. Her solution was to take the door off the hinges, cut it in half, and then reinstall the two pieces so they became double doors that opened out. The door on the side of the dresser was now able to open fully without problem.

To do this, you'll need to draw a line down the center of the door with a pencil and then cut through, following the line, with a circular or table saw. Smooth out the new edges with a sander or sandpaper, prime, and paint, and they're ready to be installed. Finally, use a screwdriver to fasten two hinges (top and bottom) on the doors and then fix the doors onto the door frames. Check that they swing back and forth easily and you're done.

Misconceptions and mistakes to avoid

Some might consider changing it to a sliding door instead, which is a good and common option when you want a space-saving door. However, the creator noted that this route was more budget-friendly for them, and installing the pocket door frame into their lath and plaster walls would be highly inconvenient. Sliding pocket or barn doors are two other great door ideas for a tiny room because they open across the wall instead of out of it, taking up very little space. However, this double door hack is easier and cheaper to DIY.

A comment on the video mentioned that this hack won't work with hollow doors and we agree. One of the unfortunate drawbacks of installing hollow-core doors is that they can't really be customized or modified (apart from being painted) so note that this hack can only be done with a solid door. Otherwise, you'll have to buy a brand-new set of interior double doors. All in all, double doors are a functional option for the main bedroom door and we also recommend choosing them for the closet door to save even more space.