Furify Vs. A Shedding Mini Husky: We Put These Fur-Repelling Bed Sheets To The Test

Pet adoration is at an all-time high. These days, surveys show that over half of pet owners think of their beloved fur babies as highly as they do other family members, considering them fully part of the crew. It's no surprise, then, that many cats and dogs increasingly share bed space with their owners. 

As wonderful as it might be to snuggle with one's warm, beloved loved one, though ... there's a problem, and we all know what it is. Because by the time you wake up to the sight of those loving brown eyes, your shaggy best friend has already wreaked havoc on your bedding, leaving a catastrophic mess of fur, bacteria, and more. If your household has spent years embroiled in the battle to remove pet hair, there's finally a solution: Furify. 

Furify makes fur-repellent sheets designed to keep your bed from becoming a petri dish while providing a soft, comfortable, and clean way to co-sleep with pets. Their range of fitted and flat sheets, duvet covers, and pillowcases are made with bamboo fabric, which is known for a soft texture, antimicrobial properties, and the ability to dry quickly once wet. Additionally, the anti-stick property of bamboo fabric should make your bedding easier to clean. Does it really work, though? I put it to the test – and what better way to prove the worth of these sheets than with a mini husky who happens to be blowing her coat?

Furify's care instructions are easy to follow

The package from Furify arrived in a timely manner, and the sheets came wrapped in a handy bag of the same bamboo material the bedding is made of. The fitted sheet, flat sheet, and two pillowcases felt so soft to the touch it was hard not to immediately throw them on the bed and test them out. I wanted to wash the sheets first, though, and the website's FAQ page notes that this is a good idea, explaining that the more you wash bamboo sheets, the softer they become.

They aren't wrong. Indeed, the laundry session left the sheets feeling even more buttery and soft, and the charcoal color still looked vibrant even after coming out of the dryer. Instructions for washing can be found on the tags attached to the bedding, but it wasn't a complicated process. Bamboo fabric can be prone to wrinkles, but the dry cycle removed any creases, and the sheets are iron-friendly, too.

Putting on the fitted sheet was so easy (not always the case with our California King-size bed). There's enough give that you won't feel like you're fighting each corner, but it's tight enough so there won't be loose fabric just floating in the center. Once the ultra-soft top sheet went on, my dog hopped up to test it out. Of course, she left hair behind, but a quick swipe with one hand removed most of it, so the sheets looked fresh and ready for sleep.

The Furify promise: Less fur, better sleep

Having never slept on bamboo fabric, I was instantly impressed with how good these Furify sheets felt when getting under them. They were lightweight, but warm enough to keep me comfortable. With the temperatures getting hotter, it was nice to have the option to push the duvet back and just use the top sheet. I left the duvet pulled away from the area where the dog sleeps to test if the sheets also kept her cool and to see the fur-repellent fabric in action.

In one night, my husky's hair can cover the duvet and leave wisps flying around any time the covers or sheets are adjusted. With these Furify sheets, though, even as we shifted to get ready for sleep, the fur from where she lay seemed to move less. It also didn't seem as concentrated. Her coat is shedding heavily right now, and her hairs were not clinging to the sheets like they do with other fabrics.

The cooling properties of Furify kept me in dreamland

The cooling factor of the bamboo made a big difference, especially in this Southwest heat. The biggest surprise was how much the dog enjoyed them: Usually she is restless and moves around a lot throughout the night, but she found a spot on the Furify sheets and didn't move until the morning. When she finally did shift, there was hair, but once again, just a swipe of the hand removed 90% of it ,which shows how effective the fabric is at repelling it. In the morning, the sheets felt fresh, even after a human and a dog had slept in them all night. Also note that she had rolled in several patches of grass earlier that day, walked around asphalt and even played in dirt, but there was no trace of this on the sheets.

Without a culmination of fur or prints, it felt refreshing to remake the bed in the morning. Moving the duvet did not produce the usual "puff" – that is, a cloud of fur – that comes with making the bed if you're living that mini husky life. Usually, even with the fan, one person or pet wakes up hot from the fabric of the sheets holding onto body heat, but these Furify sheets are soft and cooling. That, combined with how well they wash and fit, makes them a no-brainer for people who like to sleep with their pets.

A little muss, no fuss

The sleep I had on the Furify sheets was some of the best I've ever had. They aren't completely deflective — her fur still remains when she gets up — but the repellent aspect makes cleaning up in the morning way easier. By being able to simply brush away fur, the bedding looks tidier and feels cleaner. Several night's sleep in a row has revealed less shedding on the sheets than our previous bedding.

After this experience, I'm absolutely planning to purchase another set of Furify sheets, as well as a duvet cover. My dog has white fur, which does show against the charcoal color I chose, but this was hardly a setback since it comes away so easily. Besides, the company offers a variety of colors, so it's easy to find one that will work to disguise hair between washes. The price point is higher than microfiber or cotton blends, but that's because these are made from bamboo, which costs more due to the manufacturing process involved. This material is known and coveted for its durability, making these bamboo sheets worth the money – and a good investment since they will last.

To be clear, if you don't want to see a single pet hair on your sheets, you'd need to convince your furry friends to sleep elsewhere. However, if you're looking for bedding that's low maintenance, comfortable, and helps keep fur at bay, Furify might just be you and your furry best friend's most tantalizing option.