Why Customers Warn To Avoid Using Splash Toilet Bowl Cleaner At All Costs

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Finding a new holy grail cleaning product is always a terrific experience. But it seems that the hype around Splash toilet cleaner, which claims to foam up and take the work out of scrubbing the toilet bowl, may just be a bubbly cover for a lackluster product. Based on the numerous bad reviews and Better Business Bureau complaints, any positive fanfare may be unwarranted. So you may want to keep an eye out for other toilet cleaners to tackle tough stains instead. 

A whopping 69% of customers on Amazon rated the cleaner an abysmal one star. Meanwhile, the reviews on the Splash website itself tell a completely different story. According to the official site reviews, the product works exactly as described, bubbling to the top and removing limescale and buildup without any scrubbing. 

The site also claims a lot of the product — 10 million units — have been sold, and that it regularly sells out. It doesn't appear to be available in stores. As far as we can tell, the only place to purchase this product is on Amazon or direct from the company. It has only been listed on Amazon since April 4, 2024, according to the product page. 

Amazon buyers overwhelmingly dislike the product

Customers who purchased Splash toilet cleaner on Amazon largely dislike the product. Although many agree that it smells good, they argue it doesn't work or foam up as its marketing indicates. Several reviewers agree that the product is sold with false advertising. One Amazon reviewer said it was useless. 

"Watched several [You]Tube videos of this stuff before purchasing, Great video!" they wrote. "[S]hows it foaming to the top of the bowl, cleaning the sides and all, no scrubbing! This is totally false advertising, it cleans no better than the liquid purple cleaner that is in a squeeze bottle." Other reviewers confirmed that the powder does not foam at all and the only way to get any cleaning out of it is to scrub after putting it in the bowl. So it doesn't seem to be a product that will make you hate toilet cleaning a little less.

The 9% of customers who gave the product five stars on Amazon disagree with the one-star givers. They say that the Splash Foam works exactly as they thought it would and leaves their toilets clean — even with issues like hard water, a lot of use, or stained porcelain. One reviewer even said it was the best toilet cleaner they'd ever used. 

The company has a F rating with the BBB

When customers are disappointed with a service or product provided by a business, they can submit a complaint with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). These complaints and how they are handled help determine a business's score with the BBB, which can mark that business as BBB accredited or not. The second standard to receive BBB accreditation is "Advertise Honestly" which is listed as one of the issues on the company's BBB page

According to the BBB, in regards to the Splash Foaming Cleaner company, "BBB has received a pattern of complaints concerning product and billing issues. Specifically, consumer complaints allege that after their initial purchase, they are receiving additional charges for products they have not ordered. Consumers also allege that the product is not working as it is advertised."

At the time of writing, there are only 5 five-star reviews on the BBB site for this cleaner, out of the 511 customer reviews listed dating back to 2021. The average customer review rating at BBB is 1.09 out of 5. This indicates that this product most likely does not work as advertised or, given the number of reviews that say so, it may not work at all. If you're struggling to get your toilet clean, skip the Splash cleaner and check out our best toilet cleaning hacks.