AiDot ENHULK String Trimmer Review: Tough On Grass Without The Gas

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I love the idea of electric lawn equipment. After spending years fighting with gas mowers, tillers, and weed eaters with their pull strings and clogged carburetors, a simple trigger or push button start is a dream come true. I can't tell you how many times I've hurt my shoulder trying to start a stubborn machine or forgot to change the gas in my lawn mower, so the idea of an easy to start lightweight string trimmer that is powerful enough to battle our worst weeds is appealing – but is it really possible? The ENHULK 58V 16" String Trimmer — Carbon Fiber promises all this and more.

This is not my first electric string trimmer. For a few years, I have had a lightweight 20v Black & Decker trimmer and blower set that worked for small jobs like tidying up short grass around my garden beds and blowing leaves off the front porch. My husband used the heavy-duty gas weed eater, but I could never get it started, and even if I did, it was too big and heavy for me to use comfortably. I should mention that I was lucky to have my husband play the role of my in-house model. We both tried out the equipment and agreed on the results. Although this review is for the ENHULK string trimmer, we also checked out their powerful 58V 930CFM Leaf Blower to help clear out debris.

Setting up our new string trimmer

The string trimmer arrived in a small box, implying it would require assembly. Once I cracked open my delivery, the shaft was simply folded in half. This not only made it easy to ship, but is also a storage solution for a cluttered garage. I put the battery on the included charger and proceeded to assemble the string trimmer. Within 15 minutes, I unfolded and secured the shaft, installed the safety guard, and put the front handle in place. The ENHULK trimmer box even included extra cutting string. I let the battery charge fully, as the instructions stated, then I was ready to get to work.

Although this electric string trimmer is less than 10 pounds with the large battery installed, it is quite large (taller than me!), so it had the potential to be awkward for a short-ish person like myself to use. The ENHULK trimmer has two features to combat this problem. First, the front handle is adjustable, so when my much taller husband uses it, he can easily move it down the shaft to make it easier to manage, while I just have to loosen the back bolt to move it back up. Second, this trimmer offers built-in arm support to reduce fatigue. I tuck the battery end under my arm, and the trimmer is short enough for me to use without holding up my arms and scrunching my shoulders.

Discovering the ENHULK string trimmer's settings and features

I wondered how a battery-powered string trimmer could possibly compete with a gas option. I know it's 58v, but I'll be honest ... I'm not really sure what that means. I assume a larger number would be more powerful. Once I saw the battery, though, it all made sense. This battery pack is a beast, and since the trimmer itself is made of lightweight carbon fiber, the battery is by far the heaviest part – but that's not a big deal since everything together is 9.8 pounds.

Aside from the throttle on a gas lawn mower, I don't think we've ever had a lawn tool that offers multiple speeds, but we do now! The ENHULK string trimmer has three speeds: eco, high, and turbo. There is a red button on the shaft just above the trigger that allows you to switch between these speeds depending on how much power you need. Clearing out tall, thick weeds? Turn on the turbo. Just doing some minor maintenance? Use the eco setting to improve the amount of time you have before you need to recharge the battery.

Although this is not a particularly unique feature, it is a convenient one. To extend the cutting line while you're working, you just need to bump the head on the ground to keep going without losing any time fussing with the trimmer line.

This battery-powered ENHULK trimmer offers impressive versatility

Naturally, the most important feature of the ENHULK string trimmer is how well it chops down weeds, and my husband and I always have a lot of work to do on our half-acre lot. We also have many trees, some of which have above-ground roots. And, since I like to keep things tidy, I wanted to see if this trimmer would work to keep the edge of our driveway neatly trimmed.

We started with the overgrown grass around the mineral tubs I turned into raised garden beds. Weeks of rain, heat, and humidity combined with a busy life meant that the grass was almost 2 feet tall. The ENHUNK string trimmer on high speed made quick work of it. Color us impressed! Next, we moved on to the tree roots which are a hassle to deal with, and again, this trimmer made quick work of clearing that area thanks to its 16-inch cutting width.

While this machine is not technically an edger, we decided to see if it could clean up the grass and soil encroaching on our driveway. The ENHULK string trimmer sliced through that vegetation on turbo speed like a hot knife through butter. We used the blower to quickly clear the driveway of soil and debris to expose a smooth edge. It's safe to say, we are sold on these battery powered yard tools.

How does the ENHULK string trimmer compare to a gas-powered model?

Now that we have tested the ENHULK string trimmer and have been impressed with the results, the real question we wanted to be answered is whether or not it compares to the performance of its heavier, gas-powered counterpart. My husband, who does the bulk of the yard work, agreed that this battery-powered string trimmer can do anything a gas weed eater can do. Now, there is one caveat: Batteries must be recharged, and that takes more time than simply refilling a gas tank. If you have a lot of work to do, an extra battery pack is a good idea. Or, you can take a much-needed break from the heat while you and your battery recharge.

When I compare the ENHULK string trimmer to our old gas weed eater, a few things stand out. Most importantly, I can actually start and handle the battery-powered option with ease. We will never need to take this machine to the repair shop to have the carburetor cleaned or the pull string replaced. We don't even have to remember to prepare it for winter. Equally important is that the battery-powered option will be much cheaper to run since we don't have to buy special weed eater fuel. I really love the efficiency and usability of this machine and – I can't believe I'm saying this – I don't mind chopping down some weeds with the ENHULK string trimmer. Even better, I do not have to wait for my husband to do it.