The Dollar Tree DIY That Will Keep Your Closet & Drawers Smelling Fresh

When storing clothes in a closet or drawer, it is easy for your fabrics to absorb certain odors over time. Those tight spaces do not allow for much air circulation, which can result in your clothes smelling stuffy or musty. Thankfully, you can freshen up the air in closets or drawers with a few products from Dollar Tree. For this clever DIY, all you need is a pack of the store's Tool Bench Hardware Felt Furniture Pads and fragrance oil in a scent of your choice. Pour a couple of drops of fragrance oil on your furniture pads and stick them onto the inside of your drawer and closet.

This should add a light fragrance to the enclosed spaces so that your clothes smell fresh for longer. Sure, you could purchase an air freshener or closet deodorizer, but these products can get pricey. This DIY only costs $2.50 in total and reduces waste from buying new air fresheners each time the scent needs refreshing. Opting for these Dollar Tree items is a great way to save money. If you select essential oils to use to add fragrance to your felt furniture pads, you can also avoid exposing yourself and your family to harsher chemicals. This is great for those with sensitivities to certain artificial scents.

Use fragrance oil and felt furniture pads to avoid smelly clothes

Instagram user @makelifesimpler_ shared a video showing just how easy it is to use this hack to make your home smell fresh. As you can see in the clip, the content creator placed the felt pads on the inside of a drawer. You can get a bit more creative with the placement of these pads if you prefer for them to be hidden out of sight. Consider removing all your clothing from the drawer and sticking the felt pads on the inside toward the back. After refilling the drawer with your clothes, they should be well hidden.

You can use a similar technique when placing the felt pads in your closet. You could stick them on your closet walls behind your clothes, or at the back of any shelving you have in the space. This hack can even be used to freshen up any additional bins that might contain seasonal clothes you have washed and stored, like coats or swimsuits. Simply stick a few felt pads on the inside of your clothing bin lids, along the side, or at the bottom.

Enhance this DIY by using fragrance oil instead of perfume spray

This hack will add a burst of fragrance to your clothes. However, the scent will not last forever. There are a few things you can do to enhance this DIY so that your clothes smell fresh longer. Instagram user @makelifesimpler_ took to the comments of the video to reveal how to accomplish this. The content creator addressed a user who asked how long they could expect the fragrance to last. She shared that it remains for two to three weeks, but you can spray the felt pads again when the scent starts to fade away. "It depends on the perfume/essential oil you use," she said.

If you would rather not deal with spraying the felt pads so often, you might want to opt for a fragrance oil or a perfume oil rather than a fragrance spray. You may have noticed that @makelifesimpler shared that you can add perfume to the felt, and you can if you wish. However, for a longer-lasting scent, avoid this and go with an oil-based fragrance. These oils are typically more concentrated than perfume sprays, so they will not fade away as quickly. You do not have to purchase a pricey fragrance oil. As previously mentioned, Dollar Tree sells fragrance oils in a variety of scents.