Shea McGee Shares An Easy Design Tip For Modernizing A Dated Living Room

No one wants a dated living room. But while you might want to transform it completely, that isn't always possible due to factors like time or budget. Oftentimes, it's more realistic to try and strike a middle ground between the old and new. An easy way to do this, per designer Shea McGee, is to punctuate the space with modern accents. "I love modern accents because of their creative form," McGee told Hunker. "They bring in an eye-catching element to your space and help a room feel more collected and layered rather than stale and one-note."

Living rooms tend to have features that are very tricky to change. So, if you have an outdated design element, like a mirror wall or a fitted carpet, for example, it might make more sense to keep it and find ways to work around it. Tasteful, modern accents will easily transport the space from the past to the present.

Throw in the right accents

An accent can be an accessory, wall color, piece of furniture, or another design element that is layered onto the basics of the room to add something interesting to the space and show off a bit of your personality. Accents are great because they can be as bold or subtle as you want and they can be easily switched out if needed. To modernize a dated living room, there are endless options.

Some to consider are throw pillows for the sofas and area rugs for the floor, perhaps to mark specific areas, like the table and chairs in a dining area or the bar cart in an entertainment corner. You can also think of something stunning to adorn your mantel with, like a set of mirrors or art sculptures. For the walls, an abstract piece of art, a dark paint color, or a simple yet playful wallpaper, like the Dior Clouds wallpaper from Painted Paper, placed on one of the walls will make it stand out from the rest. You can even go for trendy, whimsical accents, like quirky light fixtures and a gallery wall. These fresh touches layered on top of the dated elements of your living room will definitely elevate it.