You May Want To Rethink Bathroom Countertop Organizers, No Matter How Chic They Are

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It often feels like there is no shortage of bathroom cabinet organizers, each one more impressive than the next. You can choose from a variety of shelving options, each promising to hold tons of personal items. Although functional, these counter organizers have one major flaw — they keep your personal items exposed for everyone to see. A TikTok video shared by @smallspacebiglife explains that this can become problematic if you share a bathroom with others or have guests over. The issue then becomes that guests see all your personal products and, depending on what you're storing on your counters, this may become a privacy issue. Instead, @smallspacebiglife recommends finding alternative ways of organizing bathroom items, such as investing in under-sink storage solutions. You can also purchase shelves for your bathroom, using them to house different products. 

The other issue with using counters for bathroom storage is the lack of space. This is especially true if you have pedestal sinks and limited counter space. Even if you have a bathroom vanity, the more items you store on its counters, the less room you have for day-to-day products when in use. If your counters are cluttered with cotton swabs, makeup removal pads, and tooth care products, for example, bathroom counter space becomes a premium. But there are tons of other storage solutions available from retailers such IKEA. For $10, you can purchase the VISSLAÅN five-piece plastic storage set. Simply place it under your cabinets for instant organization.

Consider IKEA storage solutions

If you have a pedestal sink and can't store items beneath it, consider bathroom shelving. For example, IKEA has two different versions of the FRÖSJÖN — one for over the toilet and one that works on any other wall in the bathroom. The over-the-toilet version features three shelves, while the regular shelf unit has five shelves. They're both $45, making them an affordable bathroom organization option. For stability, you can attach these shelves to the wall using U-shaped brackets, like the black brackets for $21 on Amazon. Just be sure to use some type of storage bin to house your items, keeping them out of view from guests. These hidden bathroom storage ideas will work to keep your space neat and tidy while keeping your personal belongings just that — personal. If you don't want shelves, consider under-cabinet storage. For $18, the 2-pack cabinet organizer from Amazon works great for the space under your sink.

This is also a great idea for other spaces in your home, like the kitchen. You might not want your counters cluttered with countertop organizers, taking space away from cooking and baking. Instead, add some IKEA shelving to the space, just like you would your bathroom, making these products multifunctional.