Amazing Pool Noodle Hacks You Should Be Using In Your Kitchen

Once summer is on the horizon, pool noodles appear in abundance in just about every shop, including your neighborhood dollar stores. These inexpensive colorful swim toys are extremely versatile and can be used for so much more than just water activities, so you'll want to stock up on them while they are readily available. One area of your home where pool noodle hacks are especially useful is the kitchen. From organizing to cleaning, painting to designing, pool noodles can simplify and enhance your kitchen in surprising ways to make it more functional and stylish.

There are many innovative ways to utilize pool noodles in your kitchen. They can be used as-is to create a faucet extender to fill buckets for mopping kitchen floors, or they can be transformed to make stunning centerpieces for your kitchen table. They also work well to aid in storing mops and brooms in an upright position. Do you need extra storage space? Pool noodles can help with that too. Along with a few bins from a dollar store, you can use the pool noodles to create a cart for housing everything from your flavored tea bags to your Keurig coffee machine. In just a few simple steps, these pool noodle hacks will turn your kitchen into a more efficient and inviting space.

Turn the pool noodle into a drawer adjuster

There's nothing more annoying than opening your silverware drawer to grab a spoon for your morning cereal only to witness the cutlery holder instantly slide to the back of the drawer. Since kitchen drawers come in a variety of sizes, it's unlikely that you'll find an organizer to fit the entire space, which means any bins you add are going to shift from front to back. Fortunately, you can utilize an easy pool noodle hack to keep the drawer organizer in place. That means no more reaching deep into the drawer to fetch a utensil!

To create a pool noodle drawer adjuster, measure the length between the silverware organizer and the back of the drawer. Use a sharp knife to cut a piece of pool noodle to match this length. Next, you'll need to slice the pool noodle in half. This allows you to lay the cut part of the pool noodle face-down flat inside the drawer. Place one pool noodle half above the top left of the organizer and one above the top right. The cutlery holder will now remain firmly in place when the drawer is opened and closed.

Use the foam noodle as a bumper guard for cabinets and trash cans

Keeping the walls in your kitchen scuff-free can be a daunting task if you have cabinet doors that tend to swing too far to the right or left. Additionally, trash cans placed up against the wall can also leave marks when the lids are opened in a hurry. Utilizing a popular pool noodle hack is the best way to prevent scratches on the walls in your kitchen. This hack turns the average pool noodle into a bumper guard for cabinet doors and trash can lids.

Measure the width of your cabinet door or trash can lid. Cut a section of pool noodle to match. Slice the piece of pool noodle in half and then add a strip of double-sided tape to each end of the flat side of the noodle. Press the pool noodle bumper on the wall where the cabinet door or trash can lid makes contact. If you don't have double-sided tape, you can also use Velcro.

Tip: If you have toddlers in your home who are learning how to walk, you can also use the pool noodle bumper guards to create a layer of protection around table and countertop edges.

Keep brooms and mops upright with a pool noodle

Utility closets do an excellent job of keeping cleaning tools and supplies out of sight; however, most homeowners simply toss their brooms and mops in the storage space without much thought. The next time a family member goes to retrieve a broom, the tools are going to come flying out of the open door. Securing the brooms and mops in an upright position using a pool noodle is the simplest and most cost-effective solution to the problem.

This ingenious pool noodle hack that you never thought to use around the house can be implemented in just a few minutes with a sharp knife and a roll of double-sided mounting tape. Measure the width of the wall in your utility closet and use that measurement to cut off a section of your pool noodle. Slice the pool noodle in half, as you need one flat side to rest against the wall. Determine how far apart you want your broom and mop handles to be and then create a vertical slit on the pool noodle in those spots. Use double-sided mounting tape to secure the utility organizer to the wall.

Tip: Another option is to simply mount the pool noodle sections on either side of the broom or mop handle. Then you don't need to make any slits.

Create a floral centerpiece for your kitchen table using a pool noodle

One space in your kitchen that lends itself to decorating is the center of your kitchen table. It is here that you can set the mood for a meal or special occasion, such as an anniversary dinner or a Thanksgiving gathering. There's no need to spend a lot of money to create a stunning centerpiece, as a pool noodle and a few artificial flowers are all you need to put together a floral arrangement that is sure to capture the attention of any guest.

Head to your local dollar store to grab a 40-ounce plastic trifle container. Spray paint the container to match your theme. For example, if you're celebrating Valentine's Day, you'll want to make the vase red. Any shade of brown would work well for Thanksgiving, while pink or yellow are ideal for spring. You get the idea. Cut a few small slices from a pool noodle and set them inside the center of the container. Press the stems of your artificial flowers into the holes in the center of the pool noodle pieces. Add flowers and accent pieces until your bouquet is nice and full. A few accent pieces to consider include a faux twig with red berries in the winter, a little bunny figurine at Easter time, or a "Happy Birthday" sign when celebrating a loved one's special day.

Create a pool noodle candle centerpiece for your table

Not looking for a floral centerpiece? You can still give your table a unique look using a set of inexpensive pool noodles. The foam noodles can easily be transformed to resemble a set of candle bases, and these noodles just so happen to feature upper openings that can hold a tea light. You'll find a collection of 12 artificial tea lights sell for less than $4 on Amazon, making each light just $.30. Altogether, the entire project will cost you just a few bucks.

Start by cutting the pool noodle into a variety of lengths. The centerpiece will look more attractive if the candles aren't all the same size. You'll want to cut anywhere from eight to 14 candle bases. Spray paint each of the bases your desired color. If you want to create a more realistic look, drizzle some glue around the tops of the bases before spray painting. This gives the effect of melting wax. Once the paint has dried, you can use a hot glue gun to secure the candle base to each other, as well as their bottoms to a decorative tray or bowl. Press one tea light into the upper opening of each pool noodle candle. If the hole is too wide, you can fill the hole with cotton stuffing, leaving just enough room to rest the light on top. Add any desired accessories around the base of the centerpiece and you're good to go!

Tip: Smaller noodles work best for this project.

Turn the pool noodle into a beverage can thermos

When cleaning your kitchen or cooking up a delicious meal for your family, you may grab a drink from the fridge to stay hydrated. During the warmer summer months, the beverage may not stay chilled for long. To keep your liquid refreshment cold while you work away, you'll need to use a thermos. There's no need to purchase one, however, as you can make one in minutes using an old pool noodle. Foam noodles work well as a homemade cozy, as they are natural insulators.

To ensure your soda or beer stays just the right temperature, grab a pool noodle and cut off a section that is slightly longer than your drink can. Slice the piece of pool noodle about ¾ of the way up to create a separate bottom and top piece. Use a sharp knife to cut away more of the center foam, so that it will fit your drink. If you have an old can, you can cut the top off and then use the sharp edges of the can to hollow out the pool noodle pieces. The bottom and top holes can be plugged up using pieces of the pool noodle that you previously cut away and a little glue from a hot glue gun.

Use the pool noodle as a faucet extender to fill buckets for mopping floors

Whether you're mopping the floor or creating a homemade cleaning solution, you'll need to be able to fill a bucket up with water. This poses two possible problems. First, if the bucket is on the larger side, it may not fit under the faucet. Second, if you fill the bucket in the sink, it may be too heavy to transfer to the floor. To avoid these issues, grab a pool noodle. The foam noodle doubles as a hose, so you can use it as a faucet extender to fill your bucket while it rests on the kitchen floor.

To use your pool noodle as a faucet extender, squeeze one end over the nozzle on your kitchen faucet. Maneuver the other end so that it rests inside the bucket on the floor. Turn the faucet on and hold the pool noodle steady to keep it in the bucket. If your water pressure is strong, it can cause the pool noodle to move, and you don't want to end up with water on your floor. The water will flow freely through the hole in your pool noodle. Once the bucket is full, turn off the water and remove the pool noodle.

Tip: Place a piece of pool noodle on the bucket handle to make it easier to carry.

Use pool noodles to make painting tasks a breeze

Giving your kitchen a new updated look can be as simple as painting the walls or cabinets. For example, switching to lighter colors gives the space a more cheerful vibe, while shades of gray exude sophistication. Working with paint can be quite messy though, and hanging cabinet doors to dry after painting is a bit tricky. Both of these tasks are less challenging when you bring a pool noodle into the mix.

To keep your paint brushes clean and at the ready, cut a small section off the end of a pool noodle and then make a slit down the side. Position the pool noodle over the edge of a bowl of water. Add slits across the top for the handles of your paint brushes. After painting cabinet doors, hang them from a clothes rack using hangers and 1-inch cup hooks. Cut 6-inch sections from a pool noodle and then add a slit down each section. Place the sections in between each hanger. This stops the doors from bumping into each other and messing up the paint before it has a chance to fully dry.

Create curtain tiebacks using pool noodles

While curtains can add a decorative touch to your kitchen space, they are essential for providing privacy. There are times, however, when you'll want to have the curtains open, such as allowing more light in the room or enjoying the outdoor view while you wash dishes. If the curtain set you purchased didn't come with any tiebacks, you can make a few with a small section of a pool noodle. Simply choose a pool noodle in a color that compliments your curtains.

To create your own pool noodle tiebacks, you'll need one long hollow pool noodle and a sharp utility knife. There are two ways to create the tiebacks. You can simply cut 2-inch sections from the pool noodle and then make a slit down the center of each section. Wrap this section around the middle of the curtain to hold it back. Another option is to cut 6-inch sections from the pool noodle and then cut each section following a spiral pattern. The foam will then easily wrap around the curtain to hold it together.

Make a storage bin or cart for your kitchen or pantry using pool noodles

Kitchens are one room within the home where proper storage and organization are a must. Cooking supplies and food items need dedicated spaces to make preparing meals for the family a breeze. If your kitchen lacks this, you can create your own storage bin or cart for just a few bucks. In fact, you'll find all of the supplies to complete this DIY project are available at your local dollar store.

To begin, grab three plastic storage bins of equal size and glue them together along the top rims using a hot glue gun. There will be a space in between each base, so you'll need to cut sections from your pool noodle to fit. Glue these in place to add stability to the storage bins. Once the glue has dried, you can stand the bin up and begin using it. Should you need to create a cart, follow the instructions above to make a second set of storage bins. Place the two sets side by side and then glue them together. Add a long piece of cardboard over the top of the storage bins to create a shelf for your Keurig and morning coffee supplies.

Use pool noodles to safely store knives

Not all knives come with a knife block for storage. These knives typically get placed inside a utensil's drawer, where their sharp blades are exposed. Accidental cuts are then possible when you reach into the drawer to grab one of the knives, especially if you're in a hurry to get your food prep done. One way to protect yourself from harm is to use a pool noodle to encompass the blades of the knives.

Measure the width of your utensils drawer and then cut a section of pool noodle to match. Slide the pool noodle in half and place the flat side down inside your drawer. Make slits across the pool noodle about every ½ inch. Safely store your knives in the drawer by placing the blades down inside the slits. As an added bonus, this option keeps the knives from sliding around in the drawer every time you open or close it.

Tip: When storing knives on a kitchen counter, simply cut a section of pool noodle and make the slits for your knife blades. No need to cut the pool noodle in half.

Add a decorative touch above your kitchen windows or entryway with pool noodles

Your table isn't the only area in your kitchen that can be decorated using a pool noodle. The space above your kitchen window or the area at the top of your kitchen entryway can also be decorated as well. In addition to artificial floral pieces and a pool noodle, which are all readily available at most dollar stores, you'll need a tension rod designed for windows. You'll find this item at Walmart for under $4, making the entire project friendly for any size budget.

Begin by measuring the space between your window or doorway, as tension rods are available in several different sizes. You also want to make sure you purchase a rod that has a diameter of 1 inch. Once you have the correct tension rod, you can cover it with a pool noodle. To do this, simply cut a slit down the center of the foam and then wrap it around the rod. Cut the stems of artificial flowers and foliage at a length of about 1 inch. Press these into the foam to create the arrangement. It's best to start with the larger pieces and then use the smaller items to fill in any gaps. Add any other decorative items, such as foam Easter eggs in the spring or pinecones in the fall. Hang the tension rod and enjoy!

Note: Come Christmas time, you can wrap the foam with garland, attach ornaments, press in a few poinsettias, and even affix a red bow in the center.