The Stunning Kitchen Finishes Hilary Farr Recommends For Style & Sustainability

Hilary Farr is all about eco-friendly decorating, so it's no surprise that when it came to choosing the finishes for her own kitchen, she reached for a super sustainable choice. That's not to say she compromised on visual appeal, though. Au contraire, as she shared back in 2022, man-made Statuario quartz gave her the best of both worlds. 

Taking to Instagram in October 2022, Farr shared a photo dump of the countertops in her kitchen and dining room. Referring to her white kitchen countertops with gray veining, in particular, she explained in the caption that she'd gone with Silestone by Cosentino's Statuario quartz (yup — she gave the exact details for anyone planning on stealing the look of her kitchen). Farr also recommended anyone hoping to redesign their space while doing their part for the environment to follow suit. "It's manufactured using a sustainable manufacturing process that uses 99% reused water, 100% renewable electric energy, zero water waste, and a minimum of 20% recycled raw materials," she wrote. 

For Farr, the fact that the countertops met all her aesthetic preferences, on top of her sustainability requirements, was the cherry on top. "It can be done. Commitment to beauty and our earth," she said. That's still just part of what makes these countertops such a great choice, though. 

Hilary's countertops are sustainable in more ways than one

Beauty and earth-friendly manufacturing aside, there's another benefit to Hilary Farr's kitchen countertops of choice, too. That is, they also hold up to daily use, making the need for constant maintenance and, in some cases, replacements unnecessary. 

Farr shared that particular benefit of the quartz countertops in the comments section of her Instagram post. In response to a follower who asked if her countertops stained or marked easily (a la everyone's favorite culprit, marble), the HGTV star shared that they didn't. Don't just take Farr's word for it, though, as the Cosentino website actually addresses the fact that its countertop material is easy to clean. Silestone Et Statuario, the brand promises, is resistant to everything from stains (even acid stains, mind you!) to impacts and scratches. In other words, in addition to being made in a sustainable manner, these countertops are as durable as they come and will save you the money (and stress) of fixes and overhauls. Talk about being sustainable in every sense of the word. 

If you're interested in giving Farr's choice a try, head to the Cosentino website to find your local stockist. Alternatively, you can ask for a consultation through Costco's website. Wherever you source your countertop slabs, you'll know you're doing your part for the environment — and it doesn't hurt that your kitchen will get a thumbs-up from Farr, too.