Repurpose Fabric Scraps Into One-Of-A-Kind DIY Artwork For Your Home

If you love to complete DIYs or upcycle items, chances are that you often have quite a few small scraps of fabric left over. After you've completed a project, you probably either throw these pieces into the trash or store them in a box or bin in case you find a use for them in the future. Well, if you're looking for creative ways to repurpose these unwanted items, here's an idea for you. Turn them into one-of-a-kind artwork by placing them in a decorative frame and hanging them on your wall.

This idea is so simple, yet it can make a huge impact on the decor in your home. Those who love abstract and minimalist artwork will adore this idea, as it doesn't showcase a scene like a painting could. Instead, it will just add some color and possibly a pattern into your space. Further, since this idea is completely customizable, you can create the exact piece of artwork you'd love to see every day. The framed fabric will also add some texture, which could create dimension and more interest.

How to make artwork out of fabric scraps

Making this unique artwork is so easy, anyone could do it. Start by choosing what piece of fabric you'd like to display in your frame. You can cut the piece to a smaller size or fray the edges for more interest. Next, open up your frame and place your fabric against the glass however you desire, then close the frame. You can either use a frame with a mat or one without. The final step is to hang the frame in your home.

There are also a few ways to make this piece unique. If you have multiple scraps of fabric, try layering them together in the frame. Just place the smallest piece against the glass first, then place the other, larger fabric scraps behind it. Furthermore, if the backing in the frame isn't the color you desire, you could spray paint it and let it dry before adding the fabric scraps. Alternatively, place a piece of construction paper that has been cut down to the size of the backing behind the fabric scrap. Finally, if the fabric won't stay in place once the frame is closed, you could use a small dab of hot glue to attach the fabric scraps to the backing.

Other ways to use this trick and where to display your artwork

If you have large scraps of fabric, you could fill the entire frame instead of leaving some negative space. To do this, trace the outline of the frame's backing onto your piece of fabric, then cut along the lines and place it in the frame. This could be a great way to create a large scale piece of artwork at a cheap price. You could also choose to use fabric pieces that are sentimental to you — repurpose your wedding decor into your home's decor by framing part of a table runner or napkin, or use a piece of fabric from a loved one's article of clothing.

There are also countless ways to display your finished piece of artwork. The frame could easily become an element in the perfect gallery wall, where it would add texture and color. A piece of fabric that used to be in a certain room like a tea towel from the kitchen could be displayed in that space. Furthermore, if the scrap of fabric was from a DIY project you completed for your home, try displaying the frame in the same room as the finished product to make the design feel cohesive. For instance, if the fabric was used to upholster your headboard, use the frame as wall art to help customize your bedroom.